European Invitational 2011

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2011-08-06 to 2011-08-07

The Invitational tournament pits the world's best players against each other in a fierce contest for fame, fortune, and glory. Starting with regional tournaments to find the local champions, the invitational tournament builds up to the grand finale at BlizzCon where one will rise to claim the title of world champion.

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Netherlands Netherlands$10,000.001 Player
2.Sweden Sweden$10,000.003 Players
3.Croatia Croatia$5,000.001 Player
4.Iceland Iceland$5,000.001 Player
5.Italy Italy$5,000.001 Player
6.Poland Poland$3,500.002 Players
7.Germany Germany$3,000.002 Players
8.France France$2,000.001 Player
9.Ukraine Ukraine$2,000.002 Players


2011 EU Invitational (Starcraft II)-$24,500.00StarCraft II 
2011 EU Invitational (WoW)-$21,000.00World of WarCraft