Elite Series Spring 2022

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2022-03-11 to 2022-03-19

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Netherlands Netherlands$8,449.5120 Players
2.Belgium Belgium$7,651.2715 Players
3.France France$1,992.982 Players
4.Denmark Denmark$1,660.823 Players
5.Poland Poland$1,515.802 Players
6.Estonia Estonia$996.491 Player
7.Serbia Serbia$885.764 Players
8.Germany Germany$664.331 Player
9.Sweden Sweden$656.983 Players
10.Spain Spain$648.761 Player
11.Lithuania Lithuania$433.091 Player
12.Latvia Latvia$433.091 Player
13.Finland Finland$432.501 Player
14.China China$332.161 Player
15.United Kingdom United Kingdom$332.161 Player
16.Switzerland Switzerland$216.251 Player


Elite Series Spring 2022 (RL)€7,500.00$8,109.46Rocket League 
Elite Series 2022: Spring Split Playoffs€7,500.00$8,120.40Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
Elite Series 2022 Spring Playoffs (LoL)€10,000.00$11,072.11League of Legends