Global Championship 2022 - Online Qualifiers

2022-09-14 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

Top8 qualify for offline event.

Samuel Sevian (Konavets) replaced Levon Aronian (LevonAronian) at the offline event despite losing against him 0,5-2,5 in the final round of the qualifier.

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.Russian Federation Russian Federation$110,000.0012 Players
2.United States United States$45,000.004 Players
3.China China$35,000.004 Players
4.India India$35,000.005 Players
5.Armenia Armenia$25,000.003 Players
6.Azerbaijan Azerbaijan$20,000.003 Players
7.Ukraine Ukraine$20,000.003 Players
8.Cuba Cuba$15,000.001 Player
9.Belarus Belarus$10,000.002 Players
10.Canada Canada$10,000.001 Player
11.Czech Republic Czech Republic$10,000.001 Player
12.Spain Spain$10,000.002 Players
13.France France$10,000.001 Player
14.Netherlands Netherlands$10,000.001 Player
15.Peru Peru$10,000.001 Player
16.Uzbekistan Uzbekistan$10,000.001 Player
17.Viet Nam Viet Nam$10,000.002 Players
18.Bulgaria Bulgaria$5,000.001 Player
19.Chile Chile$5,000.001 Player
20.Germany Germany$5,000.001 Player
21.Egypt Egypt$5,000.001 Player
22.United Kingdom United Kingdom$5,000.001 Player
23.Greece Greece$5,000.001 Player
24.Hungary Hungary$5,000.001 Player
25.Israel Israel$5,000.001 Player
26.Venezuela Venezuela$5,000.001 Player


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