Warzone Royal Ruckus 2020

2020-06-11 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

This tournament runs over 2 days. The tournament will have a total prize pool of $150,000 with $100,000 of the winnings going to the Equal Justice Initiative, which is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States. The other $50,000 will be split among the top four teams with $30,000 going to the top team. The second day also sees new variables added into the mix, including Royal Bounties and a Second Chance Jackpot.

Second Chance Jackpot: The 2 highest scoring teams in the RoyalRuckus Day 2 take home $6000 each! ($6000 added to Team Skrapz's $30,000) and ($6000 bonus for Team Stellar as well)

Royal Bounties: The 2nd days will have head to head matchups where the winning team takes $3000. All top 4 teams won their bounties and got $3000 each added on to their earnings.

The 3rd place was originally supposed to be $7000 and the 4th place was originally supposed to be $3000. However, the 3rd and 4th teams decided to split for $5000 each after the tournament was delayed due to servers going down for 1.5 hours.

Tournament Results

Team Skrapz
Team Huskerrs
Team DougIsRaw
See Note
Royal Bounties: Team Steve Aoki vs. Team DrLupo
Royal Bounties: Team Proofjc vs. Team Jorge

See Note
Second Chance Jackpot

Prize Money By Country

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$45,666.677 Players
2.United States United States$33,333.3313 Players
3.Canada Canada$1,000.001 Player


Aydan on Twitter: "My streaming PC crashed mid finals so you guys couldn't see it live, but we ended up losing by 2 kills. GG'
Last Checked 2020-06-12 8:35:17 PM
Stellar on Twitter: "Speechless. Got a last second invite to the @RoyalRavens $150K tournament and ended up coming out with 3r
Last Checked 2020-06-12 8:34:06 PM
London Royal Ravens on Twitter: "Here are how the Royal Bounties matches ended. Each winning team won $3k! #RoyalRuckus Congr
Last Checked 2020-06-12 8:35:43 PM
Team Skrapz win $150,000 Warzone Royal Ruckus: final placements | Dexerto
Last Checked 2020-06-12 8:30:31 PM