Brawlhalla @ Final Round 20

Atlanta, GA
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FINAL ROUND LLC proudly presents: FINAL ROUND "The 20th Anniversary"


March 10-12, 2017

Georgia International Convention Center

GA2000 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta 30337


Hello everyone, this is Larry and this will be the 20th anniversary of FINAL ROUND! This year will be a celebration of the FGC. Not only reflecting on the past events, but ushering a new future for not just FR, but the FGC as a whole! This will truly be a family reunion type event and you can't spell Family Reunion without the FR!. Of course I personally would like to thank everyone in the FGC, vendors, and the sponsors that have supported FINAL ROUND throughout the years because without you guys there wouldn't be any FINAL ROUND or scene!

Life is so short and things shouldn't be taken for granted. Instead of burning bridges we at FINAL ROUND will strive to build bridges to help grow FR and the FGC as a whole! With that being said we look forward to hosting you this year in your favorite games to compete to be the best. There are going to be changes to how we operate during FR to improve your time at the event.

First off we heard your concerns about the venue size last year, so we have stepped our venue game up to a 37,500 sqft exhibit hall to make sure every game event at FR20 is in one room and not spread out like the dragon balls in different rooms! This will make it easier for those that like to compete in multiple games to be in the same room as the rest of the games! All of our online registration will be handled through from the start. Doing this we will allow us to be able to produce pools for every game within the week the online registration was closed. No more waiting for pools a few hours before the event starts to know when you play.

There's one question I know most want to know. "Will there be at the door registration at FR20?" I know I got a lot of feedback about this topic on the

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