Actoz Stars

Total Prize Money Earned:
$366,375.50 From 9 Tournaments

Top Players For Actoz Stars

 IDNameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of Hwan2daJang, Hwan$84,247.38$97,490.7086.42%
2.Korea, Republic of HulkChung, Rak Gwon$81,004.00$94,247.3285.95%
3.Korea, Republic of StarlordLee, Jong Ho$81,004.00$94,247.3285.95%
4.Korea, Republic of DaengcheKim, Do Hyun$73,650.00$89,193.3282.57%
5.Korea, Republic of Baku-, -$4,450.00$4,450.00100.00%
6.Korea, Republic of Bam-, -$4,450.00$4,450.00100.00%
7.Korea, Republic of Chabong-, -$4,450.00$4,450.00100.00%
8.Korea, Republic of Chan-, -$4,450.00$4,450.00100.00%
9.Korea, Republic of Elca-, -$4,450.00$6,846.3065.00%
10.Korea, Republic of Midheart-, -$4,450.00$6,263.3871.05%
11.Korea, Republic of Rabbit-, -$4,450.00$4,450.00100.00%
12.Korea, Republic of SuPPak-, -$4,450.00$24,878.2117.89%
13.Korea, Republic of CaptainALee, Jun Han$2,904.00$2,904.00100.00%
14.Korea, Republic of ironmanOh, Jeong Je$2,904.00$2,904.00100.00%
15.Korea, Republic of JaehyeonPark, Jae Hyeon$1,687.38$1,687.38100.00%
16.Korea, Republic of MadcowLee, Seung Taek$1,687.38$1,687.38100.00%
17.Korea, Republic of QuratePark, Seong Hu$1,687.38$4,009.7842.08%


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