Total Prize Money Earned:
$513,715.76 From 27 Tournaments

Griffin Roster Summary

Apex Legends$2,400.000.47%
League of Legends$340,668.2066.31%
PUBG (Griffin Black)$16,916.443.29%
PUBG (Griffin Red)$0.000.00%
PUBG (Griffin White)$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$492,714.8095.91%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of TarzanLee, Seung Yong$62,417.70
2.Korea, Republic of ViperPark, Do Hyeon$60,951.07
3.Korea, Republic of SwordChoi, Sung Won$59,209.06
4.Korea, Republic of lehendsSon, Si Woo$58,565.93
5.Korea, Republic of ChovyJeong, Ji Hoon$57,639.93
6.Korea, Republic of 2heartSin, Hyoek Jun$38,129.01
7.Korea, Republic of 2tapYu, Jae Won$29,444.63
8.Korea, Republic of MinsungKim, Min-sung$27,281.88
9.Korea, Republic of AsuraJo, Sang$25,215.52
10.Korea, Republic of MenteulIm, Yeong$14,204.38
11.Korea, Republic of RatherShin, Hyeong Seop$11,572.62
12.Korea, Republic of NanaLee, Hak-il$9,011.52
13.Korea, Republic of Foxy-, -$8,684.38
14.Korea, Republic of DoranChoi, Hyeon Joon$8,343.00
15.Korea, Republic of KabbieJeong, Sang Hyeon$8,110.47
16.Korea, Republic of Hwan2daJang, Hwan$5,309.00
17.Korea, Republic of IntLee, Dong Wook$4,909.00
18.Korea, Republic of ohjeongjeOh, Jeong Je$4,229.11
19.Korea, Republic of RAGELee, Hyo Beom$4,229.11
20.Korea, Republic of NaeHyunYoo, Nae Hyun$3,057.14
21.Korea, Republic of UntaraPark, Yi Zhen$2,385.14
22.Korea, Republic of HoyaYoon, Yong Ho$1,684.50
23.Korea, Republic of ForceHan, Sang Woo$1,466.62
24.Korea, Republic of NewtKim, Jin$1,081.68
25.Korea, Republic of UcalSon, Woo Hyeon$1,012.50


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