Total Prize Money Earned:
$124,990.07 From 24 Tournaments

Mirage Roster Summary

League of Legends$13,228.0310.58%
Rainbow Six Siege$101,750.0081.41%
Rocket League$10,012.048.01%
Super Smash Bros$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$58,580.0046.87%
2.Canada Canada$43,043.3034.44%
3.France France$2,265.611.81%
4.Brazil Brazil$2,200.001.76%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States NotLoadingChase Neely$14,150.00
2.United States BenjimoolaBenjamin Ligacki$9,950.00
3.Canada QrTzAlexandre Moranta$7,600.00
4.United States NyxZachary Thomas$7,350.00
5.Canada FlynnRob Flynn$7,200.00
6.Canada SilentPeter Christie-Cnossen$7,200.00
7.Canada zilchyKyle Wrigglesworth$7,200.00
8.United States DreamMitch Malson$6,950.00
9.United States HotancoldMatthew Stevens$5,950.00
10.United States KanzenEvan Bushore$3,200.00
11.United States RampyNathanial Duvall$3,200.00
12.Canada MeltedRobert Kormylo$3,000.00
13.United States KentoTyler Ross$2,600.00
14.France HyamiClément Wittner$2,265.61
15.Brazil DexterLorenzo Albiero$2,200.00
16.United States MohesseJesse Sheffield$2,200.00
17.Canada FreshnessMartin Totev$2,150.00
18.United States LukeLuccas Oyarce$2,150.00
19.United States jrussJacob Clarkson$2,000.00
20.United States DpfireMatthew Macway$1,600.00
21.United States Slothi- -$1,600.00
22.United States SpikerBrady Lukens$1,600.00
23.United States SurfDamian Medina$1,600.00
24.United States VertcLFranklyn Cordero$1,600.00
25.United States YetiAlexander Lawson$1,600.00


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