OGN Entus

Total Prize Money Earned:
$695,073.68 From 28 Tournaments

OGN Entus Roster Summary

Clash Royale$25,000.003.60%
PUBG (OGN Entus Ace)$148,793.5321.41%
PUBG (OGN Entus Force)$521,280.1575.00%
PUBG (OGN Entus)$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$640,715.9492.18%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of seongjangSeong, Jang Hwan$136,948.31
2.Korea, Republic of indigochild-, -$133,390.54
3.Korea, Republic of kAyleJeong, Su Yong$132,717.79
4.Korea, Republic of DoYa-, -$67,687.33
5.Korea, Republic of YaKKKim, Bo Hyun$65,518.18
6.Korea, Republic of hyoilJung, Hyo Il$25,020.90
7.Korea, Republic of CRISTISLee, Jun Soo$19,064.28
8.Korea, Republic of MickeyKim, Da Hyeon$15,341.48
9.Korea, Republic of Alphaca-, -$14,164.11
10.Korea, Republic of JoyPark, Hae Min$14,164.11
11.Korea, Republic of RaengKim, Seong Jin$14,164.11
12.Korea, Republic of SomePJo, Yeong Min$12,886.90
13.Korea, Republic of Dandelion- -$6,250.00
14.Korea, Republic of One Crown- -$6,250.00
15.Korea, Republic of Thunder- -$6,250.00
16.Korea, Republic of TNTLee Min$6,250.00
17.Korea, Republic of MiraKim, Ho Uk$5,880.00
18.Korea, Republic of Under-, -$5,185.03
19.Korea, Republic of TemeriaLee, Gil Do$3,669.88
20.Korea, Republic of JUANKim, Bong Sang$1,132.25
21.Korea, Republic of GunHeeHong, Geon Hui$880.00
22.Korea, Republic of KirbyKim, Hae Yeong$880.00
23.Korea, Republic of AttackDieLee, Soo Min$459.50
24.Korea, Republic of hyMINKim, Min Kyu$459.50
25.Korea, Republic of UngJinLee, Woong Jin$459.50


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