Golden Guardians

Total Prize Money Earned:
$215,465.24 From 21 Tournaments

Golden Guardians Roster Summary

League of Legends$12,000.005.57%
League of Legends (GG Academy)$42,000.0019.49%
Legends of Runeterra$20,000.009.28%
Super Smash Bros. Melee$55,165.2425.60%
World of WarCraft$86,000.0039.91%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$64,194.2529.79%
2.Canada Canada$12,800.005.94%
3.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$8,400.003.90%
4.Nicaragua Nicaragua$5,070.992.35%
5.Argentina Argentina$4,000.001.86%
6.Australia Australia$3,000.001.39%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States ZainZain Naghmi$50,094.25
2.United States AbstergeCarlos Correa$21,500.00
3.United States JellybeansVincent Tran$21,500.00
4.United States PikabooJason Smith$21,500.00
5.United States WizkxConnor Torrence$21,500.00
6.United States DogDavid Caero$20,300.00
7.Korea, Republic of OllehKim, Joo Sung$9,400.00
8.United States PrismalJacob Feinstein$7,000.00
9.Korea, Republic of RoseThornKim, Tae Ho$7,000.00
10.Canada YunbeeChoi, Jong Yun$7,000.00
11.Nicaragua n0neEdgard Sheleby$5,070.99
12.Argentina NewbieLeandro Marcos$4,000.00
13.United States NilesAiden Tidwell$4,000.00
14.Netherlands PrideMilo Wehnes$4,000.00
15.Canada ChimeJonathan Pomponio$3,000.00
16.Australia TallywhackaJames Shute$3,000.00
17.Canada DarshanDarshan Upadhyaha$1,400.00
18.Canada HardAnthony Barkhovtsev$1,400.00
19.United States KeithYuri Jew$1,400.00
20.United States PalafoxChristian Palafox$1,400.00


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