Total Prize Money Earned:
$425,848.84 From 20 Tournaments

RunAway Roster Summary

League of Legends$5,040.001.18%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$202,613.3747.58%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of MagKim, Tae Sung$31,168.07
2.Korea, Republic of GangnamjinGang, Nam Jin$29,882.36
3.Korea, Republic of HeesuJeong, Hee Su$29,882.36
4.Korea, Republic of LeeJaeGonLee, Jae Gon$29,882.36
5.Korea, Republic of QoQYu, Sung Jun$29,882.36
6.Korea, Republic of BUMPERPark, Sang Beom$29,793.00
7.Korea, Republic of StitchLee, Choong Hui$29,793.00
8.Korea, Republic of HaksalKim, Hyo Jong$28,427.69
9.Korea, Republic of JJANUChoi, Hyeon Woo$21,604.81
10.Korea, Republic of KoXKim, Min Soo$20,557.84
11.Korea, Republic of KAISERRyu, Sang Hoon$17,224.13
12.Korea, Republic of SchwiLee, Dong Jae$17,071.41
13.Korea, Republic of YakiKim, Jun Gi$12,810.95
14.Korea, Republic of TiZiHwang, Jang Hyeon$12,369.64
15.Korea, Republic of AssassinKim, Sung Won$11,630.57
16.Korea, Republic of SLIMEKim, Sung Jun$9,235.16
17.Korea, Republic of TwilightLee, Joo Seok$9,235.16
18.Korea, Republic of HooregLee, Dong Eun$6,917.16
19.Korea, Republic of SeoMinSooSeo, Min Soo$6,917.16
20.Korea, Republic of D3CAL-, -$6,600.00
21.Korea, Republic of RunnerYoon, Dae Hoon$6,104.13
22.Korea, Republic of ShineKim, Min Hyuk$5,274.49
23.Korea, Republic of CoMaSon, Kyeong Woo$4,817.80
24.Korea, Republic of AlphaSin, Jae Hyeon$2,318.00
25.Korea, Republic of AMYAhn, Min Yeong$2,318.00


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