Rhinos Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$6,289.76 From 3 Tournaments

Rhinos Gaming Roster Summary

Overwatch (Rhinos Gaming Titan)$3,070.9048.82%
Overwatch (Rhinos Gaming Wings)$3,218.8651.18%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of bro-, -$519.23
2.Korea, Republic of BAMBOOHan, Yeong Jin$491.71
3.Korea, Republic of clarisLee, Geon Ho$491.71
4.Korea, Republic of MunchkinByeon, Sang Beom$491.71
5.Korea, Republic of FuryKim, Jun Ho$439.40
6.Korea, Republic of Mango-, -$439.40
7.Korea, Republic of oxo-, -$439.40
8.Korea, Republic of Umtae-, -$411.88
9.Korea, Republic of ElysiumYu, Ji Hwan$371.06
10.Korea, Republic of SpearKim, Chang Jae$371.06
11.Korea, Republic of AgapeJeon, Hyeon Seok$291.23
12.Korea, Republic of AMYAhn, Min Yeong$291.23
13.Korea, Republic of EnvyLee, Kang Jae$291.23
14.Korea, Republic of TyrantMyeong, Il Joo$291.23
15.Korea, Republic of TiZiHwang, Jang Hyeon$148.17
16.Korea, Republic of xzw-, -$148.17
17.Korea, Republic of f3ny-, -$120.65
18.Korea, Republic of Levi-, -$120.65
19.Korea, Republic of YARGKim, Kwan Woo$120.65


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