Dark Sided

Total Prize Money Earned:
$3,238.52 From 10 Tournaments

Dark Sided Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros$2,529.5778.11%

Country Summary

1.Australia Australia$1,311.8540.51%
2.New Zealand New Zealand$1,151.2735.55%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Australia Extra- -$1,311.85
2.New Zealand SpudTe Kelly$1,151.27
3.New Zealand CutieBailey Murdoch$141.79
4.Australia ItBeStyle- -$141.79
5.Australia JackDaddyJack Dawber$141.79
6.Australia Shak- -$141.79
7.Australia specaRyan Ausden$141.79
8.Australia Splice- -$41.30
9.Australia Duon- -$25.15


ViewSonic.DarkSided on Twitter: "We're very excited to share that we've entered the Smash 4 scene! Please welcome @DS_Extra! Y
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Welcome Smash Superstar Spud! — Dark Sided
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