Total Prize Money Earned:
$98,604.83 From 13 Tournaments

LuxuryWatch Roster Summary

Overwatch (LW Blue)$28,004.4328.40%
Overwatch (LW Red)$70,600.4071.60%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$49,621.1050.32%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of Fl0w3RHwang, Yeon Oh$12,961.68
2.Korea, Republic of GamblerHeo, Jin Woo$12,334.99
3.Korea, Republic of janusSong, Joong Hwa$12,334.99
4.Korea, Republic of LunaJang, Kyung Ho$12,334.99
5.Korea, Republic of Mek0Kim, Tae Hong$12,334.99
6.Korea, Republic of SaebyeolbePark, Jong Yeol$12,334.99
7.Korea, Republic of pineKim, Do Hyun$2,942.82
8.Korea, Republic of ADIOSJang, Dae Hyeon$2,553.26
9.Korea, Republic of ArKHong, Yeon Joon$1,778.09
10.Korea, Republic of r0arGye, Chang Hoon$1,778.09
11.Korea, Republic of ArcanePark, Sung Jin$1,597.16
12.Korea, Republic of aWesomeGuyKim, Sung Hoon$1,597.16
13.Korea, Republic of BeomBeom, Lee$1,597.16
14.Korea, Republic of starkyJoo, Gwak$1,597.16
15.Korea, Republic of HOTBAChoi, Hong Joon$1,395.74
16.Korea, Republic of NenneJeong, Yeon Kwan$1,395.74
17.Korea, Republic of WekeedChoi, Seok Woo$1,395.74
18.Korea, Republic of WonJaeLeeLee, Won Jae$1,272.80
19.Korea, Republic of NoNameLee, Won Jae$1,111.22
20.Korea, Republic of sylphChoi, Sung Sik$963.31
21.Korea, Republic of WhoPark, Jae Hyeong$505.29
22.Korea, Republic of Fr3eYoon, Tae In$364.54
23.Korea, Republic of ThinkLee, Ho Jeong$122.94
24.Korea, Republic of JJoNakBang, Sung Hyeon$0.00
25.Korea, Republic of ManoKim, Dong Gyu$0.00


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