Astral Authority

Total Prize Money Earned:
$164,000.00 From 9 Tournaments

Astral Authority Roster Summary

Heroes of the Storm$107,500.0065.55%
League of Legends$0.000.00%
Smite (Console)$56,500.0034.45%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$77,000.0046.95%
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$13,000.007.93%
3.Germany Germany$13,000.007.93%
4.Canada Canada$4,500.002.74%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Germany CattlepillarBen Bunk$13,000.00
2.United States CauthonLuckRori Bryant-Raible$13,000.00
3.United States FuryManny Medina$13,000.00
4.Korea, Republic of JunJang, Jun$13,000.00
5.United States psalmHarrison Chang$13,000.00
6.United States BoronicBrenden Laureano$11,300.00
7.United States InbownedBobby Simonson$11,300.00
8.United States KhaoticPurposeCasey Fowler$11,300.00
9.United States WolvesChristopher Leon$11,300.00
10.United States DarkchimaeraChris Beery$8,500.00
11.United States FrozenXDamian Nagel$8,500.00
12.United States TalkingTreesKevin Marco$8,500.00
13.United States CyprexaAnthony Romero$7,500.00
14.United States EquinoxJon Peterson$7,500.00
15.Canada KilluZiioNJerome Tanguay$4,500.00
16.United States BatterryMarty Nivinski$4,000.00
17.United States CoviiiConnor Viens$3,800.00
18.United States KladeousRichard Tran$1,000.00


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