Total Prize Money Earned:
$365,936.25 From 37 Tournaments

FlyQuest Roster Summary

Apex Legends$6,900.001.89%
CS:GO (Female)$13,000.003.55%
Fighting Games$0.000.00%
League of Legends$236,850.0064.72%
League of Legends (FQ Academy)$50,600.0013.83%
Rocket League$46,931.2512.82%
Super Smash Bros: Melee$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$113,474.1131.01%
2.Canada Canada$83,892.8522.93%
3.Denmark Denmark$36,250.009.91%
4.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$35,988.099.83%
5.Germany Germany$27,916.667.63%
6.Mongolia Mongolia$6,000.001.64%
7.Australia Australia$3,600.000.98%
8.France France$2,600.000.71%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Denmark SantorinLucas Larsen$32,083.33
2.Canada WildTurtleJason Tran$32,083.33
3.Korea, Republic of IgNarLee, Dong Guen$27,916.66
4.Germany PowerOfEvilTristan Schrage$27,916.66
5.United States SoloColin Earnest$27,916.66
6.United States PrimeThunderRonin D'Auria$12,610.42
7.Canada ViperOmran Shoura$12,500.00
8.United States WonderNicholas Blackerby$12,410.42
9.United States AYYJAYYAustin Aebi$12,110.42
10.Korea, Republic of WinsomeKim, Dong Keon$8,500.00
11.Canada MashBrandon Phan$8,333.33
12.Canada JayJJuan Guibert$6,738.10
13.Canada SpiraxDjalar Djiar$6,000.00
14.Mongolia YuujiGanbat Ulziidelger$6,000.00
15.United States crunchAdam Escobedo$5,000.00
16.Australia EylaBill Nguyen$5,000.00
17.Korea, Republic of ImpactJung, Eon Yeong$5,000.00
18.Korea, Republic of PrinceLee, Chae Hwan$5,000.00
19.China SpicaLu, Mingyi$5,000.00
20.Korea, Republic of ViclaLee, Dae Gwang$5,000.00
21.Denmark MaxilolMagnus Christensen$4,166.67
22.United States PobelterEugene Park$4,166.67
23.Canada AltecJohnny Ru$4,000.00
24.United States BallsAn Le$4,000.00
25.United States HaiHai Lam$4,000.00


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