Bravado Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$267,540.52 From 72 Tournaments

Bravado Gaming Roster Summary

Call of Duty$975.000.36%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$209,122.7078.16%
Dota 2$582.410.22%
Dota 2 (Black)$20,435.937.64%
Dota 2 (Blue)$0.000.00%
Heroes of the Storm$0.000.00%
Quake Live$0.000.00%
Rainbow Six Siege$0.000.00%
Rocket League$33,896.8812.67%
StarCraft II$327.600.12%

Country Summary

1.South Africa South Africa$250,915.6793.79%
2.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$1,600.000.60%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.South Africa DetronyDimitri Hadjipaschali$41,299.71
2.South Africa SonicAran Groesbeek$37,879.54
3.South Africa ElusiveRuan van Wyk$37,434.24
4.South Africa JTJohnny Theodosiou$28,656.41
5.South Africa FadeyRhys Armstrong$28,206.41
6.South Africa 2Die4David Morgenrood$11,298.96
7.South Africa HappymealDavid du Plessis$11,298.96
8.South Africa KamzKamran Naidoo$11,298.96
9.South Africa GolzAshton Muller$9,673.14
10.South Africa bLacKpoisoNRobby Da Loca$8,831.35
11.South Africa seeMMohamed Lorgat$4,064.39
12.South Africa FlarezLeon Wong$3,567.34
13.South Africa DonithebeastDonio Teixeira$3,538.56
14.South Africa oDuWesley Rose$3,283.97
15.South Africa habibi_DAbdur Kamdar$3,164.16
16.South Africa flexyeRieghardt Romatzki$2,902.68
17.South Africa Phoon_exeAidan Vorster$2,902.68
18.South Africa TheManShaun Deyzel$2,902.68
19.South Africa Wip3ouTWillie Steyn$2,902.68
20.South Africa centAndreas Hadjipaschali$2,458.25
21.South Africa deviaNtRichard Groves$2,179.19
22.Saudi Arabia FKSFaisal Khaled$1,600.00
23.South Africa LighteRTZThulani Sishi$834.31
24.South Africa racnoDane Friedman$805.09
25.South Africa FerrariLiam Berrill$442.95


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