Total Prize Money Earned:
$84,790.50 From 8 Tournaments

Project_kr Roster Summary

CS: Online$44,000.0051.89%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of SoloKang, Kun-chul$16,222.90
2.Korea, Republic of TermiPyun, Sun-Ho$13,158.10
3.Korea, Republic of glowKim, Min Soo$9,535.20
4.Korea, Republic of periJung, Bum Gi$9,535.20
5.Korea, Republic of bailLee, Sung Jae$8,222.90
6.Korea, Republic of lokiSong, Myung Suk$6,000.00
7.Korea, Republic of RyuRyu, Yong Hwan$6,000.00
8.Korea, Republic of ssambaYo, Seung Kyu$6,000.00
9.Korea, Republic of zeffPark, Min-Seok$4,535.20
10.Korea, Republic of lswLee, Seung Wook$2,000.00
11.Korea, Republic of heePark, Jin Hee$1,422.90
12.Korea, Republic of miffySon, Hyun Jin$1,422.90
13.Korea, Republic of enemyAhn, Young Mo$735.20


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