Total Prize Money Earned:
$384,413.79 From 24 Tournaments

Lunatic-hai is a Korean Esports organization, specializing in First-Person Shooters.

Lunatic-hai Roster Summary

Overwatch (Lunatic-Hai 2)$965.910.25%
Rainbow Six Siege$1,808.960.47%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$309,742.2480.58%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of RyujehongRyu, Je Hong$46,803.53
2.Korea, Republic of MiroGong, Jin Hyuk$43,267.33
3.Korea, Republic of tobiYang, Jin Mo$43,267.33
4.Korea, Republic of EscAKim, In Jae$35,767.33
5.Korea, Republic of WhoruLee, Seung Joon$35,363.54
6.Korea, Republic of zunbaKim, Joon Hyuk$33,172.09
7.Korea, Republic of LeetaejunLee, Tae Jun$22,171.58
8.Korea, Republic of deanGeum, Dong Geun$21,283.58
9.Korea, Republic of GidoMun, Gi Do$16,275.96
10.Korea, Republic of enemyAhn, Young Mo$10,898.33
11.Korea, Republic of malChoi, Beum Ho$10,639.98
12.Korea, Republic of cliperChoi, Min Woo$10,548.08
13.Korea, Republic of BeBeOh, Jeong Tak$8,748.08
14.Korea, Republic of FletaKim, Byeong Seon$7,500.00
15.Korea, Republic of MunchkinByeon, Sang Beom$7,500.00
16.Korea, Republic of XEPHERKoo, Jaemo$7,500.00
17.Korea, Republic of rishNarchKJung, Jun Keon$6,648.08
18.Korea, Republic of lokiSong, Myung Suk$2,100.00
19.Korea, Republic of okjuRyu, Ok Ju$1,891.90
20.Korea, Republic of glowKim, Min Soo$1,800.00
21.Korea, Republic of ConanJun, Heung Je$1,752.75
22.Korea, Republic of TIME-, -$1,752.75
23.Korea, Republic of hana-, -$1,402.50
24.Korea, Republic of YS-, -$1,402.50
25.Korea, Republic of HoundBirdJang, Gwon-jae$361.79


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