British National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$123,629.53 From 16 Tournaments

British National Team Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$2,500.002.02%
CS: Source$6,340.605.13%
Heroes of the Storm$1,500.001.21%
Rocket League$12,000.009.71%
Warcraft 3$5,000.004.04%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom BoomboxIsaac Charles$8,500.00
2.United Kingdom KruiseHarrison Pond$8,500.00
3.United Kingdom SmexEoghan O'Neill$8,500.00
4.United Kingdom BoarControlGeorge Webb$8,000.00
5.United Kingdom MikeMichael Adams$7,428.57
6.United Kingdom KSPKai Collins$5,500.00
7.United Kingdom KybFinley Adisi$5,500.00
8.United Kingdom RealzxMarcus Vining$5,500.00
9.United Kingdom DeadDrawJack Bancroft$5,262.98
10.United Kingdom ChrisTFerChristopher Graham$5,142.86
11.United Kingdom archieArchie Pickthall$4,000.00
12.United Kingdom DeevoDavid Morrow$4,000.00
13.United Kingdom GreensheepJames Luo$4,000.00
14.United Kingdom J4CKIECHANJack Hutton$4,000.00
15.United Kingdom nolyJoseph Kidd$4,000.00
16.United Kingdom FusionsCameron Bosworth$3,357.14
17.United Kingdom Toastmonster- -$3,000.00
18.United Kingdom BoNdAlex Bond$2,500.00
19.Ireland MiracUJustin McNally$2,500.00
20.United Kingdom mykLeMichael Wake$2,500.00
21.United Kingdom TiLLerMaNIain Girdwood$2,500.00
22.United Kingdom vardAlex Gouge$2,500.00
23.United Kingdom TekKzDonovan Hunt$1,500.00
24.United Kingdom ThomasLeese7Thomas Leese$1,500.00
25.United Kingdom HenryGHenry Greer$1,268.12


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