Korean National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$532,247.10 From 27 Tournaments

Top Players For Korean National Team

 IDNameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of ChaserKim, Hyung Min$40,600.00$71,604.6756.70%
2.Korea, Republic of HAKKim, Do Yeop$40,600.00$101,093.1740.16%
3.Korea, Republic of JJakShin, Chang Hoon$40,600.00$116,334.3534.90%
4.Korea, Republic of RushLee, Ho Yeon$40,600.00$113,593.1735.74%
5.Korea, Republic of SunKim, Sun Woo$40,600.00$111,582.4536.39%
6.Korea, Republic of INnoVationLee, Shin Hyung$16,213.81$713,519.692.27%
7.Korea, Republic of AQUA5Yoo, Sang Ho$14,500.00$49,276.2229.43%
8.Korea, Republic of InonixNa, Hee Joo$14,500.00$36,459.4339.77%
9.Korea, Republic of LokiBak, Jeong Yeong$14,500.00$766,848.211.89%
10.Korea, Republic of PioCha, Seung Hoon$14,500.00$654,142.682.22%
11.Korea, Republic of LynPark, Joon$13,130.34$497,765.132.64%
12.Korea, Republic of FoCuSEom, Hyo Sub$12,888.79$109,347.1711.79%
13.Korea, Republic of LawLietJo, Ju Yeon$12,888.79$111,774.9711.53%
14.Korea, Republic of soOEu, Yoon Su$11,000.00$604,228.451.82%
15.Korea, Republic of CheckLee, Hyung Joo$10,936.54$89,291.8012.25%
16.Korea, Republic of ReMinDKim, Sung Sik$10,536.54$165,068.726.38%
17.Korea, Republic of MMAMoon, Sung Won$8,333.33$407,169.172.05%
18.Korea, Republic of RyujehongRyu, Je Hong$6,000.00$85,804.456.99%
19.Korea, Republic of zunbaKim, Joon Hyuk$6,000.00$72,886.368.23%
20.Korea, Republic of CarpeLee, Jae Hyeok$5,857.14$58,431.2810.02%
21.Korea, Republic of SaebyeolbePark, Jong Yeol$5,142.86$152,547.303.37%
22.Korea, Republic of DDaHyoNiBaek, Sang Hyeon$5,000.00$58,436.008.56%
23.Korea, Republic of FlurryCho, Hyun Soo$5,000.00$47,230.8010.59%
24.Korea, Republic of handsomeguyKang, Il Mook$5,000.00$97,479.005.13%
25.Korea, Republic of KranichHak Jun, Baek$5,000.00$64,585.517.74%
26.Korea, Republic of FaTeKoo, Pan Seung$4,428.57$43,871.5710.09%
27.Korea, Republic of JJoNakBang, Sung Hyeon$4,428.57$139,498.023.17%
28.Korea, Republic of LiberoKim, Hye Sung$4,428.57$143,582.243.08%
29.Korea, Republic of ManoKim, Dong Gyu$4,428.57$145,120.903.05%
30.Korea, Republic of ByunByun, Hyun Woo$3,750.00$403,621.570.93%
31.Korea, Republic of sOsKim, Yoo Jin$3,750.00$615,500.350.61%
32.Korea, Republic of ZestJoo, Sung Wook$3,750.00$527,875.870.71%
33.Korea, Republic of ControlNa, Doh Hyun$3,500.00$24,784.1114.12%
34.Korea, Republic of H.O.T-ForeverGyung, Kang Doh$3,500.00$35,198.929.94%
35.Korea, Republic of MoonJang, Jae Ho$3,193.80$593,872.540.54%
36.Korea, Republic of ArHaNJeong, Won Hyoup$3,000.00$32,386.249.26%
37.Korea, Republic of EscAKim, In Jae$3,000.00$192,273.681.56%
38.Korea, Republic of Fl0w3RHwang, Yeon Oh$3,000.00$81,950.063.66%
39.Korea, Republic of iamgruntKang, Byung Geon$3,000.00$131,430.502.28%
40.Korea, Republic of KovenLee, Jae Baek$3,000.00$17,675.0016.97%
41.Korea, Republic of MiroGong, Jin Hyuk$3,000.00$52,828.855.68%
42.Korea, Republic of TaiRongKim, Tae Yeong$3,000.00$3,299.7790.92%
43.Korea, Republic of tobiYang, Jin Mo$3,000.00$79,268.253.78%
44.Korea, Republic of StatsKim, Dae Yeob$2,666.67$590,318.220.45%
45.Korea, Republic of ANAMOJeong, Tae-seong$2,285.71$135,918.731.68%
46.Korea, Republic of FletaKim, Byeong Seon$2,285.71$44,194.275.17%
47.Korea, Republic of FuryKim, Jun Ho$2,285.71$189,673.161.21%
48.Korea, Republic of So.InJeon, Jin Hwan$2,193.80$6,363.1734.48%
49.Korea, Republic of ArKHong, Yeon Joon$2,142.86$77,952.152.75%
50.Korea, Republic of Mek0Kim, Tae Hong$2,142.86$149,547.301.43%
51.Korea, Republic of DestroyYoon, Jeong Min$2,000.00$4,185.9047.78%
52.Korea, Republic of EllimChoi, El Lim$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%
53.Korea, Republic of GumayusiLee, Min Hyeong$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%
54.Korea, Republic of HARAMKim, Haram$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%
55.Korea, Republic of HoitRyu, Hosung$2,000.00$9,068.3922.05%
56.Korea, Republic of LionLee, Chanju$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%
57.Korea, Republic of MingMin, Cho$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%
58.Korea, Republic of MorganPark, Gi-tae$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%
59.Korea, Republic of PlexBae, Ho-young$2,000.00$6,068.5732.96%
60.Korea, Republic of POPHa, Min Wook$2,000.00$16,725.0011.96%
61.Korea, Republic of ArcaneChoi, Hyeok Jin$1,809.04$1,809.04100.00%
62.Korea, Republic of BlossomPark, Beom Chan$1,809.04$5,164.0435.03%
63.Korea, Republic of GoriKim, Tae Woo$1,809.04$12,237.7914.78%
64.Korea, Republic of SummitPark, Woo Tae$1,809.04$9,979.8918.13%
65.Korea, Republic of WooPyPark, Jong Hyeon$1,809.04$1,809.04100.00%
66.Korea, Republic of HydraShin, Dong Won$1,463.81$211,295.740.69%
67.Korea, Republic of PartinGWon, Lee Sak$1,463.81$390,984.020.37%
68.Korea, Republic of ArchitectPark, Min Ho$1,428.57$157,289.900.91%
69.Korea, Republic of BdosinChoi, Seung Tae$1,428.57$194,689.650.73%
70.Korea, Republic of ChoiHyoBinChoi, Hyo Bin$1,428.57$163,546.090.87%
71.Korea, Republic of HaksalKim, Hyo Jong$1,428.57$128,745.151.11%
72.Korea, Republic of IDKPark, Ho Jin$1,428.57$63,382.002.25%
73.Korea, Republic of Sooni-, -$1,412.50$39,235.503.60%
74.Korea, Republic of SweetChun, Jung Hee$1,400.00$80,687.181.74%
75.Korea, Republic of JaedongLee, Jae Dong$1,166.67$642,480.350.18%
76.Korea, Republic of LifeLee, Seung Hyun$1,166.67$476,629.170.24%
77.Korea, Republic of MCJang, Min Chul$1,166.67$509,852.060.23%
78.Korea, Republic of Ryvius-, -$1,100.00$23,350.004.71%
79.Korea, Republic of SteeloCho, Gang Hyeon$1,100.00$38,128.252.88%
80.Korea, Republic of SurrenderKim, Jung Soo$1,100.00$305,601.570.36%
81.Korea, Republic of FoVCho, Dae Hui$1,000.00$52,010.781.92%
82.Korea, Republic of LuciferNoh, Jae Wook$1,000.00$81,808.911.22%
83.Korea, Republic of ZacardHwang, Tae-min$1,000.00$35,499.972.82%
84.Korea, Republic of LiberoKim, Tae In$400.00$2,388.3116.75%
85.Korea, Republic of ReiGnKang, Seo Woo$400.00$28,522.361.40%
86.Korea, Republic of DawnJang, Hyun Jae$312.50$125,439.540.25%
87.Korea, Republic of BelieveYoo, Won Seok$158.45$1,262.0612.55%
88.Korea, Republic of eMaLfaNJeong, Ho Wuk$158.45$1,109.9814.28%
89.Korea, Republic of Core JJJo, Yong In$0.00$569,837.840.00%
90.Korea, Republic of FakerLee, Sang Hyeok$0.00$1,255,465.800.00%
91.Korea, Republic of KiinKim, Gi In$0.00$67,263.730.00%
92.Korea, Republic of PeanutHan, Wang Ho$0.00$461,592.140.00%
93.Korea, Republic of RulerPark, Jae Hyuk$0.00$482,714.060.00%
94.Korea, Republic of ScoreGo, Dong Bin$0.00$185,512.990.00%


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