Total Prize Money Earned:
$869,432.46 From 206 Tournaments

Lazarus “LZR” is Canada’s first established esports team in 2010. Originally founded as “SetToDestroyX" also known as "STDx" or "Destroyers," we are a professional esports team competing at the highest level of gaming in multiple game titles and platforms. As much as this is a Canadian success story, the Lazarus name has a global brand reach.

Founded in 2010, Lazarus is a professional esports organization dedicated to industry growth, developing the Canadian market, fostering amateurs to compete at the pro level & supporting professional gamers at the highest level for greater success. In the last 2 years, LZR has risen the global ranks & currently sits 120th in the world as one of the highest earning gaming organizations. We actively compete against other tier-1 teams on the international circuit & capitalized by Tiidal Gaming Group Inc., we project to further our tremendous success in 2019, eclipse the top 50 global esports money list & actively compete in both the franchise & open model competitive landscape.

As a leader in the gaming space, Lazarus has over 50 competitive pro gamers representing our brand in over 10 countries around the world competing in mainstream & emerging market games. Additionally, LZR produces feature videos that follow our professional teams preparing for major events. The LZR stream team produces high quality broadcasting & entertainment on the Twitch platform & our Twitch Partnership enables us to package unique and original content with our creators, that we tailor with our partners & provide a seamless integration into our brand daily.

With a combined 30 years in esports management; our continuous engagement, social media inter-activeness, targeted recruitment & acquisition of mature personalities & competitive teams; we are connected, streamlined, identifiable & one of the most talked about esports brands in the world.

Lazarus is actively seeking partnerships who desire to be a valuable part of our future success in esports.

Please contact us at

Lazarus Roster Summary

APEX Legends$0.000.00%
Call of Duty (US)$0.000.00%
CoD IW (CA)$30,202.813.47%
Critical Ops$2,000.000.23%
CS:GO (Canada)$32,428.063.73%
CS:GO (Current)$12,602.581.45%
CSGO (Female)$30,000.003.45%
EGLX Black ops 3$797.160.09%
Fortnite (PC)$19,800.002.28%
Fortnite (X1)$5,000.000.58%
Gears of War (N arena)$5,000.000.58%
GT Sport$200.000.02%
Guns Of Boom$93,950.0010.81%
HALO 5$3,000.000.35%
Hand of the Gods$2,475.000.28%
League of Legends (Female)$0.000.00%
Madden (current)$233,067.6626.81%
Paladins (HRX)$25,000.002.88%
Project Cars 2$0.000.00%
Project Cars 2$0.000.00%
Rainbow 6 Siege$9,242.861.06%
Rocket League$4,100.000.47%
SFV (2)$0.000.00%
Smash 4$3,077.050.35%
Splatoon 2$23,110.002.66%
Street Fighter V$2,132.020.25%
Uncharted 4$38,210.804.39%
Uncharted 4 (Ontario Team)$382.110.04%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$469,000.7253.94%
2.Canada Canada$108,185.2312.44%
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$32,700.003.76%
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$30,000.003.45%
5.Portugal Portugal$17,500.002.01%
6.Morocco Morocco$17,500.002.01%
7.Sweden Sweden$2,475.000.28%
8.Hong Kong Hong Kong$800.000.09%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States SkimboMichael Skimbo$188,000.00
2.United States iMWiLD7Lionel Roberts$26,000.00
3.United States bloodyfaceBrian Eason$25,000.00
4.United States RemmyNgwa Nforsi$24,390.00
5.United States BoomieZack Bielamowicz$20,320.00
6.United States xfam0usxJonathan David Holland$19,613.30
7.Canada REQAndrew Deng$19,600.00
8.United States supameNHuu Lee$19,500.00
9.United States Vide- -$19,000.00
10.United States DIVINE KINGKevin Castellanos Meneses$17,987.50
11.Portugal LORDMANORoberto Ruivo$17,987.50
12.Morocco Rom1oAbdessamii Faith$17,987.50
13.United Kingdom XLNCCallum Morris$17,987.50
14.United States DragKyle Riederer$17,500.00
15.United States FuzzyJuancarlos Triana$17,250.00
16.United States JrPens- -$16,875.00
17.United States michaeldrk- -$12,340.00
18.Canada AYRINJordan He$12,070.00
19.United States Fool- -$10,000.00
20.Canada KaizKai Jun Chen$7,720.00
21.Canada Anon- -$7,642.16
22.Canada Dex- -$7,642.16
23.Canada Hackiee- -$7,642.16
24.Canada Piston- -$7,642.16
25.Canada Skzzyy- -$7,642.16


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