Total Prize Money Earned:
$625,880.35 From 75 Tournaments
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Rogue Roster Summary

Call of Duty$17,500.002.80%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$173,924.6527.79%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Academy)$3,100.980.50%
League of Legends$0.000.00%
League of Legends (Rogue EC)$0.000.00%
Rainbow Six$135,000.0021.57%
Rocket League$60,981.259.74%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$259,669.5041.49%
2.France France$180,153.0728.78%
3.Sweden Sweden$53,837.568.60%
4.Denmark Denmark$38,827.876.20%
5.Canada Canada$23,830.603.81%
6.Bulgaria Bulgaria$17,800.822.84%
7.Australia Australia$11,600.001.85%
8.Mexico Mexico$5,200.000.83%
9.Germany Germany$1,666.670.27%
10.Estonia Estonia$681.060.11%
11.Switzerland Switzerland$451.060.07%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States hikoSpencer Martin$48,173.46
2.France aKmDylan Bignet$38,858.87
3.France unKOEBenjamin Chevasson$38,858.87
4.France winzMichaël Bignet$38,858.87
5.France KnOxXxJean-Louis Boyer$38,303.91
6.United States Ecl9pseTyler McMullin$27,000.00
7.United States SlashugSpencer Oliver$27,000.00
8.Sweden ReinforceJonathan Larsson$25,539.28
9.Sweden TviQKevyn Lindström$25,539.28
10.United States EasilyyKevin Skokowski$22,400.00
11.Denmark cadiaNCasper Møller$20,524.93
12.United States SizzEmiliano Benny$20,493.75
13.United States viceDaniel Kim$18,173.46
14.Canada BryanBryan Agema$17,400.00
15.United States SicKHunter Mims$17,380.60
16.France SoOnTerence Tarlier$13,619.59
17.France NiCONicolas Moret$11,652.92
18.Australia RickehRick Mulholland$11,600.00
19.United States JacobJacob McDowell$11,010.42
20.United States ShuttleAaron Dugger$11,000.00
21.United States AvianJohn Ackerly$9,600.00
22.United States MattMatt Dixon$9,483.33
23.Bulgaria bubbleKamen Kostadinov$9,300.41
24.Bulgaria v1c7oRViktor Dyankov$8,500.41
25.United States InsolencesTrevor Carmody$7,066.67


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