Obey Alliance

Total Prize Money Earned:
$464,283.28 From 35 Tournaments

Obey Alliance Roster Summary

Apex Legends$3,000.000.65%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$0.000.00%
Gears of War$17,000.003.66%
Rainbow Six$31,250.006.73%
Smite (Console)$0.000.00%
Super Smash Bros$2,033.280.44%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$121,000.0026.06%
2.Sweden Sweden$46,000.009.91%
3.United States United States$33,985.287.32%
4.Poland Poland$29,000.006.25%
5.Denmark Denmark$17,000.003.66%
6.Portugal Portugal$12,000.002.58%
7.Finland Finland$1,500.000.32%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom AtaraxiaNate Mark$46,000.00
2.United Kingdom CaptainTwigBen Knight$46,000.00
3.Sweden PrettyPriMeEmil Edström$46,000.00
4.United States AladdinGrant Labelle$36,000.00
5.United States Kevie1Kevin Bednarski$36,000.00
6.United States MigMiguel Medina$36,000.00
7.United States PinchyZachary Baxter$36,000.00
8.United States ShurimaWizardNhan Le$36,000.00
9.Poland FrezzOOOskar Lasota$29,000.00
10.United Kingdom VarietyHarry Cumming$29,000.00
11.Denmark EmilZyEmil Nielsen$17,000.00
12.Portugal maniaKKJoão Ferreira$12,000.00
13.Netherlands XalieaJeroen Klaver$5,000.00
14.United States BenjiBenjamin Butler$4,100.00
15.United States BoscoDylan Bosco$4,100.00
16.United States MahManSam Pak$4,100.00
17.United Kingdom BreakerKieron Oakley$3,400.00
18.United Kingdom Sarksta- -$3,400.00
19.United Kingdom TeeJayTom -$3,400.00
20.United States AdamAdam Ameiche$3,350.00
21.United States SkysAlexander Magor$3,350.00
22.United Kingdom AshensEddie -$2,400.00
23.United Kingdom jRageJay McManus$2,400.00
24.United States AbunaiSeth Pinkney$2,000.00
25.United States CalloutSeth Mik$2,000.00


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