Team Kongdoo

Total Prize Money Earned:
$381,872.35 From 35 Tournaments

Team Kongdoo Roster Summary

FIFA (Kongdoo Leo)$0.000.00%
Hearthstone (Kongdoo Pardus)$0.000.00%
League of Legends (Kongdoo Monster)$96,201.9025.19%
Overwatch (Kongdoo Panthera)$124,671.0832.65%
Overwatch (Kongdoo Uncia)$29,000.877.59%
PUBG (Kongdoo #2)$918.000.24%
PUBG (Kongdoo #3)$0.000.00%
PUBG (Kongdoo G-Suit)$1,374.000.36%
PUBG (Kongdoo LSSi)$9,180.002.40%
PUBG (Kongdoo REDDOT)$120,526.5031.56%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$356,506.5193.36%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of EVERMOREKoo, Kyo Min$28,236.73
2.Korea, Republic of MeraldYoon, Hee Sung$22,160.38
3.Korea, Republic of CuriousLee, Yeong Min$21,919.88
4.Korea, Republic of EdgeLee, Ho Seong$17,731.14
5.Korea, Republic of SSolSeo, Jin Sol$17,731.14
6.Korea, Republic of styleOh, Kyung Chul$16,715.38
7.Korea, Republic of GuGerKim, Do Yeop$16,174.48
8.Korea, Republic of RoachKim, Kang Hui$15,567.78
9.Korea, Republic of PunchSon, Min Hyuk$14,711.14
10.Korea, Republic of LuffyYang, Seong Hyeon$14,280.27
11.Korea, Republic of SwiftMarkKim, Kyung Pyo$14,125.00
12.Korea, Republic of KlockySung, Joon Mo$11,929.88
13.Korea, Republic of RascalKim, Dong Jun$11,510.51
14.Korea, Republic of birdringKim, Ji Hyuk$10,909.41
15.Korea, Republic of wakawakaAn, Jee Ho$10,410.51
16.Korea, Republic of voiciKim, Jun Yeong$10,320.15
17.Korea, Republic of VoidKang, Jun Woo$8,255.31
18.Korea, Republic of FissureBaek, Chan Hyung$7,642.05
19.Korea, Republic of DecayJang, Gui Un$6,854.72
20.Korea, Republic of choisehwanChoi, Se Hwan$6,655.19
21.Korea, Republic of ChangSikMoon, Chang Sik$6,179.89
22.Korea, Republic of CoMaSon, Kyeong Woo$5,824.69
23.Korea, Republic of DDingYang, Jin Hyeok$5,421.89
24.Korea, Republic of r0arGye, Chang Hoon$4,724.69
25.Korea, Republic of YOUNGJINJin, Yong Jin$4,724.69


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