Afreeca Freecs

Total Prize Money Earned:
$884,998.83 From 166 Tournaments

Afreeca Freecs Roster Summary

League of Legends$435,197.7549.17%
Overwatch (AF.Blue)$78,564.548.88%
Overwatch (AF.Red)$5,832.160.66%
PUBG (AF Ares)$15,979.501.81%
PUBG (AF Fatal)$192,059.3621.70%
StarCraft 2$109,769.7012.40%
StarCraft 2 (Afreeca S2)$26,710.903.02%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$819,799.0292.63%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of kurOLee, Seo Haeng$63,273.59
2.Korea, Republic of SpiritLee, Da Yoon$61,874.58
3.Korea, Republic of KramerHa, Jong-Hun$61,059.77
4.Korea, Republic of TuSinBak, Jong Ik$61,059.77
5.Korea, Republic of KiinKim, Gi In$60,783.18
6.Korea, Republic of MowgliLee, Jae Ha$59,393.10
7.Korea, Republic of PatienceJo, Ji Hyun$50,220.67
8.Korea, Republic of styleOh, Kyung Chul$46,321.47
9.Korea, Republic of shadowLee, Seung Sun$33,399.84
10.Korea, Republic of R0whaLee, Jae Ho$32,828.38
11.Korea, Republic of aLiveHan, Lee Seok$29,211.08
12.Korea, Republic of GukHyeonHwang, Seung Hyeon$22,744.88
13.Korea, Republic of RozarKim, Kyeong Yeol$21,954.88
14.Korea, Republic of KeeNHwang, Kyo Seok$17,893.49
15.Korea, Republic of AimingKim, Ha Ram$17,783.18
16.Korea, Republic of ArHaNJeong, Won Hyoup$16,465.44
17.Korea, Republic of Jayden-Choi, Won Pyo$14,078.38
18.Korea, Republic of LambuPark, Chan Hyuk$14,071.47
19.Korea, Republic of NNHan Min-Gyu$14,071.47
20.Korea, Republic of RecryJeong, Taek Hyun$13,420.75
21.Korea, Republic of SuperSeo, Sung Min$11,747.70
22.Korea, Republic of adamKim, Yoon Sik$10,381.95
23.Korea, Republic of DayflyPark, Jeong Hwan$9,122.98
24.Korea, Republic of JINCho, Hyo Jin$8,972.70
25.Korea, Republic of yesmanAhn, Jun Hyuk$7,514.42


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