Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,331,874.42 From 661 Tournaments

formerly "Afreeca Freecs", changed name to "Freecs" in Dec. 2021, also known as "KWANGDONG FREECS"

Freecs Roster Summary

FIFA Online$210,168.569.01%
League of Legends$517,786.7222.20%
League of Legends (AF Academy)$4,194.000.18%
League of Legends (AF Youth)$1,680.000.07%
League of Legends (Freecs Rookies)$760.000.03%
Leauge of Legends (Challengers)$17,260.000.74%
Overwatch (AF.Blue)$78,564.543.37%
Overwatch (AF.Red)$5,832.160.25%
PUBG (AF Ares)$15,979.500.69%
PUBG (AF Fatal)$212,059.369.09%
StarCraft 2 (AF)$108,922.704.67%
StarCraft 2 (Afreeca S2)$379,809.0416.29%
StarCraft 2 (Freecs)$67,620.842.90%
WarCraft 3$34,243.131.47%
Wild Rift$42,609.201.83%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,940,438.2883.21%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of TrapCho, Sung Ho$121,227.75
2.Korea, Republic of HikariKim, Dong Hwan$105,375.50
3.Korea, Republic of TYJun, Tae Yang$101,569.29
4.Korea, Republic of AkadLim, Gwang Hyun$101,510.50
5.Korea, Republic of HansiaHan, Sia$80,744.71
6.Korea, Republic of KiinKim, Gi In$72,887.17
7.Korea, Republic of EENDRoh, Tae Young$72,394.73
8.Korea, Republic of StatsKim, Dae Yeob$72,054.07
9.Korea, Republic of SpiritLee, Da Yoon$69,469.63
10.Korea, Republic of R0whaLee, Jae Ho$67,651.62
11.Korea, Republic of LashKKim, Dong jun$64,571.93
12.Korea, Republic of kurOLee, Seo Haeng$63,273.59
13.Korea, Republic of KramerHa, Jong-Hun$61,059.77
14.Korea, Republic of TuSinBak, Jong Ik$61,059.77
15.Korea, Republic of OfelKang, Jun-ho$59,690.88
16.Korea, Republic of MowgliLee, Jae Ha$59,393.10
17.Korea, Republic of ShadowLee, Seung-sun$56,928.16
18.Korea, Republic of styleOh, Kyung Chul$51,321.47
19.Korea, Republic of ArmaniPark, Jin Hyuk$50,689.87
20.Korea, Republic of PatienceJo, Ji Hyun$50,220.67
21.Korea, Republic of HoseokChoi, Ho-seok$50,107.54
22.Korea, Republic of EJLee, Jung Woo$46,340.24
23.Korea, Republic of JunHyoPark, Jun-hyo$42,414.45
24.Korea, Republic of soOEu, Yoon Su$41,050.67
25.Korea, Republic of SoKJeong, Ho Wuk$34,243.13


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