Total Prize Money Earned:
$25,855.74 From 21 Tournaments

nerdRage Roster Summary

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$13,463.4452.07%
League of Legends$4,079.4115.78%
Team Fortress 2$8,153.2731.53%

Country Summary

1.France France$3,411.4013.19%
2.Sweden Sweden$3,092.9511.96%
3.Finland Finland$1,420.835.50%
4.Slovakia Slovakia$1,420.835.50%
5.United Kingdom United Kingdom$783.013.03%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Finland jOELZJoel Aalto$1,420.83
2.Slovakia villiGViliam Andrascik$1,420.83
3.Sweden hMpHampus Netzell$1,133.33
4.Finland juhobJuho Lampinen$800.00
5.United Kingdom Artorias- -$743.92
6.Sweden KakanElias Edlund$743.92
7.United Kingdom NutriBilly Wragg$743.92
8.United Kingdom ProsfairTom Willis$743.92
9.Sweden Sven- -$743.92
10.France Bulle- -$729.81
11.France FlippyHugo Perhirin$729.81
12.Sweden rybRuben Ljungdahl$729.81
13.United Kingdom StarkLuke Hageman$729.81
14.France TekThéo Guillebaud$729.81
15.Sweden ZebbosaiSebastian Olsson$729.81
16.South Africa bLacKpoisoNRobby Da Loca$620.83
17.Finland BlasdfaSaska Kivistö$587.50
18.Sweden NIZNRasmus Nisula$500.00
19.France OmbrackPierre-Valentin Lefort$497.08
20.United Kingdom Br0dieJack Emmott$481.80
21.Sweden LNZLinus Holtäng$481.80
22.United Kingdom PingJavier Griffiths$481.80
23.United Kingdom TadpoleEuan Ingram$481.80
24.United Kingdom FrazehhFraser Sollom$421.80
25.Sweden Hej- -$359.83


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