Total Prize Money Earned:
$82,490.52 From 67 Tournaments

Winterfox was founded in January 2015 after the Evil Geniuses League of Legends team was forced to rebrand by a Riot Games ruling. On April 17, 2015 they acquired Halo team Team Randa.

Winterfox Roster Summary

Fighting Games$0.000.00%
League of Legends$10,000.0012.12%
Super Smash Bros.$15,340.5218.60%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$48,573.8258.88%
2.Australia Australia$6,300.007.64%
3.France France$6,210.007.53%
4.New Zealand New Zealand$4,200.005.09%
5.Canada Canada$3,650.004.42%
6.Denmark Denmark$1,250.001.52%
7.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,250.001.52%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States ShroomedDajuan McDaniel$12,458.82
2.France Xp3David Garrido$6,210.00
3.United States LeXAlex Deily$5,210.00
4.United States angerTodd Williams$4,710.00
5.United States flowsicKKyle Mendez$4,710.00
6.Canada hadesWarren Rettich$4,425.00
7.United States NadedBrett Leonard$3,100.00
8.United States RandaDillon Randa$3,100.00
9.United States RyaNoobRyan Geddes$3,100.00
10.United States desiDerek Branchen$2,835.00
11.United States ArkanumJacob Santos$2,500.00
12.Australia apocMike Aliferis$2,100.00
13.Australia dexterChristopher Nong$2,100.00
14.Australia emagineChris Rowlands$2,100.00
15.New Zealand ofnuChris Hanley$2,100.00
16.New Zealand zewsyyRyan Palmer$2,100.00
17.United States MacDMcCain LaVelle$1,880.00
18.United States AkaadianMatthew Higginbotham$1,250.00
19.United States ArcsecondLyonel Pfaender$1,250.00
20.Korea, Republic of AvalonShin, Dong Hyeon$1,250.00
21.United States KenKenneth Tang$1,250.00
22.United States LohpallyDerek Abrams$1,250.00
23.United States MoonGalen Holgate$1,250.00
24.Denmark P1noyKristoffer Pedersen$1,250.00
25.United States ShorterACERyan Nget$1,250.00


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