Team Dragon Knights

Total Prize Money Earned:
$58,000.00 From 7 Tournaments

Team Dragon Knights is a League of Legends team founded in 2015. It first qualified for the LCS prior to the 2015 Summer Split. It is owned by Sean Shim.

Team Dragon Knights Roster Summary

League of Legends$58,000.00100.00%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$21,100.0036.38%
2.United States United States$12,500.0021.55%
3.Canada Canada$4,050.006.98%
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$2,650.004.57%
5.Ukraine Ukraine$1,250.002.16%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States KezKevin Jeon$8,850.00
2.Korea, Republic of SeraphShin, Woo Yeong$7,450.00
3.Korea, Republic of KyleSeo, Ji Sun$4,950.00
4.Korea, Republic of LouisXGeeGeeLee, Sung Jin$4,950.00
5.Korea, Republic of OhQOh, Gyu Min$3,900.00
6.Russian Federation Alex IchAlexey Ichetovkin$2,650.00
7.Canada SmoothieAndy Ta$2,650.00
8.Korea, Republic of BischuKim, Hyung-seok$2,500.00
9.Venezuela CrumbzzAlberto Rengifo$2,500.00
10.Korea, Republic of do itLee, Chan Ho$2,500.00
11.Korea, Republic of ThySon, Seung Young$2,500.00
12.Korea, Republic of KwonKoo, Hyuk Kwon$2,300.00
13.United States AetheresCuong Ta$1,400.00
14.Canada TranceLawrence Amador$1,400.00
15.United States RemiliaMaria Creveling$1,250.00
16.Ukraine RF LegendaryOleksii Kuziuta$1,250.00
17.United States BIGTerry Chuong$1,000.00
18.United States ChunkyfreshJosh Kesrawani$1,000.00
19.United States MandatorycloudZachary Hoschar$1,000.00
20.United States MoonGalen Holgate$1,000.00
21.France SteeelbackkkPierre Medjaldi$1,000.00


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Team Dragon Knights
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