Total Prize Money Earned:
$171,440.32 From 29 Tournaments

Player Transfers For Prophecy

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2015-04United States ClassicNicholas Di CostanzoProphecy
2015-04United States MochilaSteve CanleProphecyAutomatic Reload
2015-04-01United States RickyRicky StacyProphecyElevate
2015-04-01United States MbozeMarcus BlanksProphecyCall of Duty (OpTic Nation)
2015-04-01United States RickyRicky StacyProphecyCall of Duty (OpTic Nation)
2015-02United States ClassicNicholas Di CostanzoProphecy
2015-01-21Saudi Arabia HukeCuyler GarlandProphecy
2015-01-21United States ParasiteChristopher DuarteProphecy
2015-01-21Saudi Arabia HukeCuyler GarlandProphecyAware.NA
2015-01-21Saudi Arabia HukeCuyler GarlandProphecy
2015-01-16United States FeaRsDamod AbneyProphecy
2015-01-16United States LegalTyree GloverProphecy
2015-01-07United States PRPLXDBrian LaddProphecy
2015-01United States MbozeMarcus BlanksProphecy
2015-01-01United States MochilaSteve CanleProphecy
2014-11-19United States FeaRsDamod AbneyProphecy
2014-11-19United States LegalTyree GloverProphecy
2014-11-19United States ParasiteChristopher DuarteProphecy
2014-11-19United States RickyRicky StacyProphecy
2014-01-21United States PRPLXDBrian LaddProphecy

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