ROX Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,316,533.38 From 59 Tournaments

Top Players For ROX Gaming

 IDNameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of SmebSong, Kyung Ho$191,133.08$299,766.3863.76%
2.Korea, Republic of kurOLee, Seo Haeng$181,595.75$264,858.7468.56%
3.Korea, Republic of PraYKim, Jong In$180,892.33$374,778.0848.27%
4.Korea, Republic of GorillAKang, Beom Hyeon$178,576.10$327,305.2554.56%
5.Korea, Republic of KneeBae, Jae Min$146,576.18$207,363.1370.69%
6.Korea, Republic of PeanutHan, Wang Ho$110,218.53$461,592.1423.88%
7.Korea, Republic of HoJinLee, Ho Jin$68,357.57$70,895.1496.42%
8.Korea, Republic of ChanelKang, Seong Ho$44,166.32$50,967.2786.66%
9.Korea, Republic of Glow-, -$23,390.38$23,390.38100.00%
10.Korea, Republic of Hasome-, -$23,390.38$23,390.38100.00%
11.Korea, Republic of SALEM-, -$23,390.38$23,390.38100.00%
12.Korea, Republic of ZetHae, Sung Min$21,876.53$62,428.9935.04%
13.Korea, Republic of Do-, -$13,289.38$13,289.38100.00%
14.Korea, Republic of Fey-, -$11,914.38$11,914.38100.00%
15.Korea, Republic of Sage-, -$11,476.00$11,476.00100.00%
16.Hong Kong Do-, -$10,101.00$10,101.00100.00%
17.Korea, Republic of KeYKim, Han Gi$6,597.79$27,839.4023.70%
18.Korea, Republic of LindarangHeo, Man Heung$6,597.79$11,271.9658.53%
19.Korea, Republic of SangyoonGwon, Sang Yun$6,597.79$16,526.2739.92%
20.Korea, Republic of SeonghwanYoon, Seong Hwan$6,597.79$10,375.6663.59%
21.Korea, Republic of MickeySon, Young Min$5,263.51$16,305.8532.28%
22.Korea, Republic of WisdomBul, Le Tin$4,239.67$9,094.4646.62%
23.Korea, Republic of MightybearKim, Min Su$3,597.79$7,829.9845.95%
24.Korea, Republic of LavaKim, Tae Hoon$2,318.21$6,772.1134.23%
25.Korea, Republic of ShyPark, Sang Myun$2,263.51$108,688.042.08%
26.Korea, Republic of Eyemusician-, -$1,433.33$1,433.33100.00%
27.Korea, Republic of KuzanLee, Seong Hyeok$1,334.29$18,887.447.06%
28.Korea, Republic of CrowKim, Seon Gyu$983.92$2,500.0439.36%
29.Japan Affe- -$227.50$227.50100.00%
30.Japan Clutch- -$227.50$227.50100.00%
31.Japan SylFyHisao Yone$227.50$1,170.2219.44%
32.Japan Yone- -$227.50$227.50100.00%
33.Korea, Republic of Le1gendCha, Kwang Ho$220.94$699.5431.58%
34.Korea, Republic of MeleeChung, Chang Gyoon$220.94$314.7470.20%
35.Korea, Republic of TryKang, Tae Wook$220.94$699.5431.58%
36.Korea, Republic of AlohaCho, Kyung Hoon$125.94$497.4925.32%
37.Korea, Republic of DaeminKim, Dae Min$125.94$8,175.761.54%
38.Korea, Republic of GuardianCho, Joon Hwan$125.94$31,038.760.41%
39.Korea, Republic of AidGo, Jae Yoon$95.00$7,444.451.28%
40.Korea, Republic of Cr0ngNam, Ki Cheol$95.00$18,336.250.52%
41.Korea, Republic of NineKKim, Beom Hoon$95.00$255.4937.18%
42.Korea, Republic of StrikerKwon, Nam Joo$95.00$171,313.130.06%
43.Korea, Republic of TydollaJeong, Seung Min$95.00$5,203.661.83%


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