White Rabbit Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$55,236.92 From 39 Tournaments

White Rabbit Gaming Roster Summary

Call of Duty$1,625.002.94%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$13,958.2825.27%
CS:GO female (White Rabbit Amaryllis)$1,850.003.35%
Dota 2$20,003.6436.21%
League of Legends$5,000.009.05%
Rocket League$12,800.0023.17%

Country Summary

1.South Africa South Africa$8,533.3415.45%
2.United States United States$4,266.677.72%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States ckenoCoen Acton$4,266.67
2.South Africa FrictionAlex VDM$4,266.67
3.South Africa Wee_CasperLogan Mac Intosh$4,266.67
4.South Africa CastawayTravis Waters$3,928.94
5.South Africa ChiDoWiRyan Lancaster$3,928.94
6.South Africa schlinksNicholas Dammert$3,928.94
7.South Africa welpCharl Geldenhuys$3,928.94
8.South Africa SantoMichael Myburgh$3,528.94
9.South Africa rMpGavin Nelson$1,221.31
10.South Africa Clax- -$1,000.00
11.South Africa NeuTron- -$1,000.00
12.South Africa slayeRyEyESimon West$1,000.00
13.South Africa YoloPete- -$1,000.00
14.South Africa youNiqueKyle Taylor$1,000.00
15.South Africa CiNNeNicholas Farrant$739.59
16.South Africa adMAdam Mansoor$736.58
17.South Africa Consp1racyWillie van Graan$736.58
18.South Africa maniaqRichard Ellis Brown$736.58
19.South Africa TrogiePeter Kirov$736.58
20.South Africa HulkiesEden de Allende$718.76
21.South Africa aw3someShannon Corran$652.91
22.South Africa disTroiTMarchahn Smith$652.91
23.South Africa PandaZACarlo Farinha$652.91
24.South Africa spazzMark Jebens$572.55
25.South Africa Adr3nalinAngelo Olevano$525.49


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