CTBC Flying Oyster

Total Prize Money Earned:
$154,818.75 From 7 Tournaments

Top Players For CTBC Flying Oyster

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Taiwan, Republic of China GeminiHuang, Chu Xuan$27,615.62$51,968.5753.14%
2.Taiwan, Republic of China RestHsu, Shih Chieh$27,615.62$59,088.6946.74%
3.Taiwan, Republic of China ShunnChao, Ying-Shun$27,615.62$27,615.62100.00%
4.Taiwan, Republic of China AtlenSung, Ya Lun$16,140.62$27,125.0659.50%
5.Taiwan, Republic of China KoalaLin, Chih Chiang$16,140.62$77,365.8020.86%
6.Taiwan, Republic of China M1ssionChen, Hsiao Hsien$16,140.62$54,788.6129.46%
7.Taiwan, Republic of China JimieNTseng, Hao Chun$11,475.00$23,510.0048.81%
8.Taiwan, Republic of China ShiauCLiu, Chia Hao$9,475.00$41,501.2122.83%
9.Taiwan, Republic of China S1aytrueLin, Sheng Po$2,000.00$2,000.00100.00%


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