Toronto Ultra

Total Prize Money Earned:
$3,138,250.02 From 58 Tournaments

Toronto Ultra Roster Summary

Call of Duty$2,955,000.0094.16%
Call of Duty (Toronto Ultra Academy EU)$46,500.001.48%
Call of Duty (Toronto Ultra Academy NA)$102,000.003.25%
Call Of Duty: Warzone$32,166.681.02%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$1,806,250.0057.56%
2.Denmark Denmark$718,250.0022.89%
3.United States United States$541,000.0017.24%
4.Canada Canada$42,166.681.34%
5.Spain Spain$25,500.000.81%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Denmark CleanXTobias Jønsson$718,250.00
2.United Kingdom InsightJamie Craven$643,750.00
3.United Kingdom BanceBenjamin Bance$430,250.00
4.United Kingdom CammyCameron McKilligan$430,250.00
5.United States ScrappyThomas Ernst$315,500.00
6.United Kingdom HicksyCharlie Hicks$255,500.00
7.United States MethodzAnthony Zinni$77,000.00
8.United States ClassicNicholas Di Costanzo$74,000.00
9.United States EnvoyDylan Hannon$45,000.00
10.Canada NickoolNicholas Bray$31,250.01
11.Spain VikulJavier Milagro$25,500.00
12.United States AssaultAdam Garcia$15,000.00
13.United States StandyEli Bentz$15,000.00
14.United Kingdom BeansBen McMellon$11,625.00
15.United Kingdom FuriiousNiklaus Mikaelson$11,625.00
16.United Kingdom VortexStephen Allen$11,625.00
17.Canada MohakMohak Kumar$10,500.00
18.United Kingdom GismoJoey Evans$5,625.00
19.United Kingdom WeemanConnor Chilton$4,000.00
20.United Kingdom HarryHarry Payne$2,000.00
21.Spain MeTTalZzAdrian Serrano$2,000.00
22.Canada RoyalizeTanner -$416.67


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