Crazy Raccoon

Total Prize Money Earned:
$335,051.70 From 34 Tournaments

Crazy Raccoon Roster Summary

Apex Legends$55,210.0016.48%

Country Summary

1.Japan Japan$246,534.6273.58%
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$79,885.8723.84%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Japan Scarlet- -$51,838.80
2.Japan bell- -$51,338.80
3.Japan Takamuramm- -$50,000.00
4.Korea, Republic of CptPark, Won Jae$20,603.33
5.Korea, Republic of RasSong, Hong Gyun$20,603.33
6.Japan Qjac- -$14,148.80
7.Japan Naetor- -$14,110.00
8.Japan Alice- -$12,810.00
9.Korea, Republic of MondoNa, Dong Hun$12,520.00
10.Korea, Republic of MedusaAn, Min Cheol$12,434.14
11.Japan nethYusuke Matsuda$12,434.14
12.Japan rionHiroto Tateno$12,434.14
13.Japan Zepher- -$12,434.14
14.Korea, Republic of MunchkinByeon, Sang Beom$12,241.74
15.Korea, Republic of SellyAn, Jeonghwan$8,083.33
16.Japan RizArt- -$6,008.20
17.Japan Yusea- -$5,938.80
18.Japan Ruri- -$1,838.80
19.Japan Ess- -$1,700.00
20.Japan VanilLa- -$1,338.80
21.Korea, Republic of iNTROGyun, Kang-Seung$192.40


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