Global Esports Xsset

Total Prize Money Earned:
$285,194.42 From 22 Tournaments

Global Esports Xsset Roster Summary

Apex Legends$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$202,298.8670.93%
2.Hong Kong Hong Kong$26,190.139.18%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Taiwan, Republic of China YanLi.Peng, Yan-Li$50,127.80
2.Taiwan, Republic of China ZhenNanLiao, Zhen-Nan$34,381.55
3.Taiwan, Republic of China SaviorHu, Wei-Zhong$34,356.55
4.Taiwan, Republic of China SRWu, Si Lin$32,967.19
5.Taiwan, Republic of China LeoChang, Ming-Hsin$29,562.10
6.Hong Kong LokslokkkChan, Lok$27,372.55
7.Taiwan, Republic of China MaoYe56Tsai, Chia-Yeh$21,928.67
8.Taiwan, Republic of China CcHsu, Che Jui$15,362.50
9.Taiwan, Republic of China ChiaWeiZhang, Chiawei$14,199.60
10.Hong Kong kaneLi, Chi Hung$13,290.85
11.Malaysia SophiyaAlex Tan Boon Keung$7,633.43
12.Taiwan, Republic of China BuYoHooChen, Bo-Hao$2,071.78
13.Taiwan, Republic of China Life- -$1,282.42
14.Taiwan, Republic of China McCrit-, -$657.42


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