Total Prize Money Earned:
$39,650.00 From 12 Tournaments

Triumph Roster Summary

Apex Legends$10,075.0025.41%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$9,375.0023.64%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States Grim_Michael Wince$3,450.00
2.Sweden GracefulMartin Wongprom$3,358.33
3.United Kingdom jmwJake Walters$3,358.33
4.Sweden maydeelolRasmus Zettergren$3,358.33
5.United States AetherLewis Parker$2,525.00
6.Israel awkwardDanny Novak$2,525.00
7.United States ChoptAlex Rossell$2,525.00
8.Norway DecodJørgen Myrlund$2,525.00
9.Korea, Republic of HtpKim, Min Jun$2,525.00
10.Canada iCyJohn Kazura$2,525.00
11.United Kingdom LynnnnnX- -$2,525.00
12.United States SamitoSam Dawahare$2,525.00
13.United States SpongeyGabe Greiner$1,450.00
14.United States SnakesRyan Amann$1,250.00
15.United States VoltageLogan Long$1,250.00
16.United States xCeeDJack Holiman$1,250.00
17.United States curryRahul Nemani$325.00
18.United States 1juniorPaytyn Johnson$200.00
19.United States ShakezullahAlan Hardeman$200.00


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