Total Prize Money Earned:
$642,751.82 From 42 Tournaments

On December 15th, 2023 it was announced that the organization rebrands itself from SANDBOX Gaming to FearX.

FearX Roster Summary

FIFA Online$210,467.9332.74%
League of Legends$108,676.3316.91%
League of Legends (SANDBOX Academy)$4,070.000.63%
League of Legends (SANDBOX Youth)$745.060.12%
Rainbow Six Siege$288,937.5044.95%
Wild Rift$29,855.004.64%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$413,847.5864.39%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of ByunWooJinByun, Woo-jin$69,658.53
2.Korea, Republic of ChaHyunWooCha, Hyun-woo$69,658.53
3.Korea, Republic of WonChangYeonWon, Chang-yeon$69,658.53
4.Korea, Republic of GoodBoyLee, Ji-heon$44,456.25
5.Korea, Republic of ArukazeHwang, Hyeon-jin$38,158.60
6.Korea, Republic of EnvyTaylorKim, Seong-soo$34,217.92
7.Korea, Republic of MephiPark, Ju-wan$31,886.06
8.Korea, Republic of DemicKim, Dae-yeong$31,261.36
9.Korea, Republic of NovaLee, Si-hun$26,811.12
10.Korea, Republic of StaticHan, Chan-yong$26,222.72
11.Korea, Republic of SyAILSong, Dong-seon$25,598.01
12.Korea, Republic of DoveKim, Jae Yeon$17,683.62
13.Korea, Republic of RINJang, Byeong-uk$15,780.52
14.Korea, Republic of Harp3rLee, Hyo Jun$14,544.96
15.Korea, Republic of SummitPark, Woo Tae$11,411.69
16.Korea, Republic of OnFleekKim, Jang Gyeom$10,183.62
17.Korea, Republic of jokerCho, Jae Eup$8,980.85
18.Korea, Republic of CrocoKim, Dong Beom$8,728.07
19.Korea, Republic of ClozerLee, Ju Hyeon$7,500.00
20.Korea, Republic of KaelKim, Jin Hong$7,500.00
21.Korea, Republic of PrinceLee, Chae Hwan$7,500.00
22.Korea, Republic of GhostJang, Yong Jun$6,026.10
23.Korea, Republic of KiriHan, Ho-geon$5,971.00
24.Korea, Republic of YujinKim, Yu-jin$5,971.00
25.Korea, Republic of FATEYoo, Su Hyeok$5,385.59


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