Mazer Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$117,544.09 From 17 Tournaments

Mazer Gaming Roster Summary

Call of Duty$55,500.0047.22%
Gears of War$54,100.0046.03%
Super Smash Bros.$734.090.62%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$40,500.0034.46%
2.France France$1,200.001.02%
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$1,175.001.00%
4.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$234.090.20%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States HesiRyan Taghipour$10,820.00
2.United States MortifysJustin Martinez$10,820.00
3.United States Xclu5iveJeffrey Ponce$10,820.00
4.United States SneakShandall Thomas$9,620.00
5.United States LavaChris Anderson$9,220.00
6.United States ApoxMichael Williams$7,800.00
7.United States JetLiEric Phan$7,800.00
8.United States MoshTanner Clark$7,800.00
9.United States ParzelionSaul Masse-Siguenza$7,800.00
10.United States SpaceLyMichael Schmale$7,800.00
11.Canada BeehzyMichael Said$2,500.00
12.United States BelieveAustin Smith$2,500.00
13.United States NovaDakota Williams$2,500.00
14.United States PentagrxmNathaniel Thomas$2,500.00
15.United States StaminoSteven Damiano$2,500.00
16.United States ZenunPedro Nunez$1,600.00
17.Canada CrushmoChris Lauzon$1,200.00
18.United Kingdom FlamezDaniel Young$1,187.50
19.United Kingdom SnakeyArkel Brown$1,187.50
20.United Kingdom FuzionScott Findlay$1,000.00
21.Ireland HavocLiam Peck$1,000.00
22.United States BRANTEDBrandon Ballard$410.00
23.United States EXIGEAlvin Hu$410.00
24.United States glogangAndrew N.$410.00
25.United States JxD- -$410.00


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