Woongjin Stars

Total Prize Money Earned:
$446,736.90 From 47 Tournaments
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Woongjin Stars Roster Summary

Special Force$0.000.00%
StarCraft II$346,794.5577.63%
StarCraft: Brood War$99,942.3522.37%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$441,264.4198.78%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of sOsKim, Yoo Jin$154,312.61
2.Korea, Republic of SoulkeyKim, Min Chul$126,560.83
3.Korea, Republic of ZerOKim, Myung Woon$60,396.27
4.Korea, Republic of FreeYoon, Yong Tae$31,472.45
5.Korea, Republic of FlyingShin, Jae Wook$14,602.08
6.Korea, Republic of KwanroHan, Sang Bong$8,646.56
7.Korea, Republic of LightLee, Jae Ho$7,314.40
8.Korea, Republic of BrAvONoh, Joon Kyu$5,844.57
9.Korea, Republic of AriaSong, Gwang Ho$5,472.52
10.Korea, Republic of BisAnGJi Yong, Yoon$5,472.52
11.Korea, Republic of HammErJin Pyo, Hong$5,472.52
12.Korea, Republic of HanbinHan Bin, Jo$5,472.52
13.Korea, Republic of ImpactKim, Joon Hyuk$5,472.52
14.Korea, Republic of PianOLim, Jin Mook$5,472.52
15.Korea, Republic of MvpJung, Jong Hyun$4,626.32
16.Korea, Republic of SpecialLee, Dong Jun$125.72
17.Korea, Republic of ChildKim, Nam Gi$0.00
18.Korea, Republic of DarLinGMoon, Ji Hoon$0.00
19.Korea, Republic of FanTasticKim, In Ki$0.00
20.Korea, Republic of GanZIKim, Dong Ju$0.00
21.Korea, Republic of GuemChiKim, Seung Hyun$0.00
22.Korea, Republic of minguKang, Min Gu$0.00
23.Korea, Republic of SUPERSTARShin, Jung Min$0.00


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