Incredible Miracle

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,257,460.87 From 159 Tournaments
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Incredible Miracle Roster Summary

League of Legends (IM #1)$58,955.734.69%
League of Legends (IM #2)$17,607.181.40%
League of Legends (IM Athena)$16,967.271.35%
League of Legends (IM)$46,440.723.69%
StarCraft II$1,070,989.9785.17%
World of WarCraft$46,500.003.70%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,178,677.8893.73%
2.Peru Peru$11,457.260.91%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of MvpJung, Jong Hyun$403,615.42
2.Korea, Republic of NesTeaLim, Jae Duk$280,302.13
3.Korea, Republic of FirstKang, Hyun Woo$65,059.50
4.Korea, Republic of SeedSang Won, Ahn$64,880.71
5.Korea, Republic of LosirAHwang, Kang Ho$61,877.28
6.Korea, Republic of YoDaChoi, Byung Hyun$57,315.13
7.Korea, Republic of YongHwaChoi, Yong Hwa$37,537.01
8.Korea, Republic of ByuLHan, Ji Won$32,171.94
9.Korea, Republic of LilacJeon, Ho Jin$18,941.24
10.Korea, Republic of TrapCho, Sung Ho$18,755.69
11.Korea, Republic of SquirtlePark, Hyun Woo$16,937.46
12.Korea, Republic of ParagonChoi, Hyun Il$16,453.36
13.Korea, Republic of AvengerPark, Jin Hyung$15,500.00
14.Korea, Republic of ShotkyShin, Jong Mun$15,500.00
15.Korea, Republic of HaiakanPark, Yong Woo$14,606.49
16.Peru FenixJian Carlo Alejo$11,457.26
17.Korea, Republic of RuinHong, Deok$9,151.58
18.Korea, Republic of AdoukenPark, Chang Kyu$9,000.00
19.Korea, Republic of Ring TrollJeong, Yoon Seong$8,761.39
20.Korea, Republic of RagnaroKShin, Hee Bum$7,801.85
21.Korea, Republic of SmebSong, Kyung Ho$7,217.43
22.Korea, Republic of LivyCha, No A$6,894.16
23.Korea, Republic of NookerOk, Seung Min$6,500.00
24.Korea, Republic of LashaKwon, Min Woo$4,986.62
25.Korea, Republic of FrozenKim, Tae Il$4,128.70


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