For Our Utopia

Total Prize Money Earned:
$60,441.71 From 19 Tournaments

For Our Utopia Results for StarCraft 2

$4,843.25 From 3 Tournaments
10.27% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-11-234thTeam-based Tournament » GSTL Season 2₩4,000,000$3,768.25StarCraft II
2013-11-175th-8th» HomeStory Cup VIII-$875.00StarCraft II
2013-11-039th-16th» WCS America 2013 Season 3 Challenger-$200.00StarCraft II

$33,933.33 From 24 Tournaments
71.98% of Total Prize Money Earned

2011-07-133rd-4th» ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 1 #5-$25.00StarCraft II
2011-07-131st» ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 1 #5-$100.00StarCraft II
2011-07-109th-16th» NASL Season 1-$500.00StarCraft II
2011-07-013rd» FXOpen Invitational Series #4-$600.00StarCraft II
2011-06-1817th-32nd» GSL Super Tournament 2011₩1,000,000$919.96StarCraft II
2011-06-189th-16th» GSL Super Tournament 2011₩2,000,000$1,839.93StarCraft II
2011-06-185th-8th» GSL Super Tournament 2011₩5,000,000$4,599.82StarCraft II
2011-06-182ndLG Cinema 3D Special League₩6,000,000$5,519.78StarCraft II
2011-06-185th-8thLG Cinema 3D Special League₩2,000,000$1,839.93StarCraft II
2011-06-151st» ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 1 #1-$100.00StarCraft II
2011-05-1417th-32nd» GSL May 2011 (Code A)₩200,000$184.01StarCraft II
2011-05-145th-8th» GSL May 2011 (Code A)₩600,000$552.03StarCraft II
2011-05-143rd-4th» GSL May 2011 (Code S)₩5,000,000$4,600.24StarCraft II
2011-05-012nd» FXOpen Invitational Series #3-$400.00StarCraft II
2011-03-193rd-4th» GSL March 2011 (Code A)₩800,000$711.40StarCraft II
2011-03-199th-16th» GSL March 2011 (Code A)₩400,000$355.70StarCraft II
2011-03-195th-8th» GSL March 2011 (Code S)₩3,000,000$2,667.73StarCraft II
2011-03-1917th-32nd» GSL March 2011 (Code S)₩1,500,000$1,333.87StarCraft II
2011-01-293rd-4th» GSL January 2011 (Code A)₩800,000$717.36StarCraft II
2011-01-299th-16th» GSL January 2011 (Code A)₩400,000$358.68StarCraft II
2011-01-2917th-32nd» GSL January 2011 (Code A)₩200,000$179.34StarCraft II
2011-01-2917th-32nd» GSL January 2011 (Code S)₩1,500,000$1,345.05StarCraft II
2011-01-299th-16th» GSL January 2011 (Code S)₩2,000,000$1,793.40StarCraft II
2011-01-295th-8th» GSL January 2011 (Code S)₩3,000,000$2,690.10StarCraft II

$8,368.59 From 7 Tournaments
17.75% of Total Prize Money Earned

2010-12-1817th-32nd» GSL Open Season 3₩500,000$432.83StarCraft II
2010-12-189th-16th» GSL Open Season 3₩2,000,000$1,731.30StarCraft II
2010-12-185th-8th» GSL Open Season 3₩4,000,000$3,462.60StarCraft II
2010-12-1833rd-64th» GSL Open Season 3₩300,000$259.70StarCraft II
2010-11-139th-16th» GSL Open Season 2₩2,000,000$1,772.97StarCraft II
2010-11-1333rd-64th» GSL Open Season 2₩300,000$265.95StarCraft II
2010-11-1317th-32nd» GSL Open Season 2₩500,000$443.24StarCraft II


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