Meet Your Makers (MYM)

Meet Your Makers

Total Prize Money Earned:
$995,405.04 From 267 Tournaments

Player Transfers For Meet Your Makers

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2015-06-01Korea, Republic of H0R0Cho, Jae HwanMeet Your Makers
2015-06-01Denmark MrRalleZRasmus SkinneholmMeet Your Makers
2015-05-13Sweden JwaowJesper StrandgrenMeet Your MakersElements
2015-05-07Poland SELFIEMarcin WolskiMeet Your Makers
2015-05Denmark NisbethNicolai NisbethMeet Your Makers
2015-05Germany NoXiAKLewis FelixMeet Your Makers
2015-03Germany NoXiAKLewis FelixLeague of Legends (FNC Beta)Meet Your Makers
2015-02-17Sweden MimérMimer AhlströmMeet Your Makers
2015-02-17Sweden JwaowJesper StrandgrenMeet Your Makers
2015-02-04Poland SELFIEMarcin WolskiMeet Your Makers
2015-01-21Poland SELFIEMarcin WolskiMeet Your Makers
2015-01-01Romania RduDima RaduMeet Your Makers
2014-12-18Netherlands ThijsThijs MolendijkMeet Your Makers
2014-12-11Germany SkipJan BirkemeyerMeet Your Makers
2014-12-08Denmark NisbethNicolai NisbethMeet Your Makers
2014-12-08Korea, Republic of H0R0Cho, Jae HwanMilleniumMeet Your Makers
2014-12-08Sweden MimérMimer AhlströmSUPA HOT CREW XDMeet Your Makers
2014-12-08Denmark MrRalleZRasmus SkinneholmSUPA HOT CREW XDMeet Your Makers
2014-12-08Poland SELFIEMarcin WolskiSUPA HOT CREW XDMeet Your Makers
2014-12-06Sweden SemijewAnton HolmMeet Your Makers
2014-09-30Denmark AceMarcus HoelgaardMeet Your Makers
2014-09-30Denmark BabyKnightJon AndersenMeet Your Makers
2014-09-30Denmark BlanMalthe ZimakoffMeet Your Makers
2014-09-30Denmark RyzeChristoffer WintherMeet Your Makers
2014-09-25Bulgaria BlazingGloryAsen BukovMeet Your Makers
2014-09-25Portugal IgniteNuno PinhoMeet Your Makers
2014-08-15Denmark BlanMalthe ZimakoffMeet Your Makers
2014-08-09United Kingdom BlackoutLewis SpencerMeet Your MakersTeam Dignitas
2014-07-29Denmark BabyKnightJon AndersenMeet Your Makers
2014-07-27Denmark Cr1tAndreas NielsenMeet Your Makers
2014-07-27Denmark LinkSylvester ChristensenMeet Your Makers
2014-07-27Denmark unicornxoxoJonathan ArgeMeet Your Makers
2014-06-23Romania RduDima RaduMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11United Kingdom BlackoutLewis SpencerMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11Bulgaria BlazingGloryAsen BukovMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11Portugal IgniteNuno PinhoMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11Germany KunziTobias KunzweilerMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11Sweden SemijewAnton HolmMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11Germany SkipJan BirkemeyerMeet Your Makers
2014-04-11Netherlands ThijsThijs MolendijkMeet Your Makers
2014-03-31Germany MeteMetehan AksütMeet Your Makers
2014-03-31Sweden MiniHampus OlssonMeet Your Makers
2014-03-31Denmark LinkSylvester ChristensenMeet Your Makers
2014-03-31Denmark RyzeChristoffer WintherMeet Your Makers
2014-02-09Denmark AceMarcus HoelgaardMeet Your Makers
2014-02-09Denmark Cr1tAndreas NielsenMeet Your Makers
2014-02-09Germany MeteMetehan AksütMeet Your Makers
2014-02-09Sweden MiniHampus OlssonMeet Your Makers
2014-02-09Denmark unicornxoxoJonathan ArgeMeet Your Makers
2014-02-08Poland CzaruKrystian PrzybylskiMeet Your Makers
2014-02-08Poland KubonJakub TurewiczMeet Your Makers
2014-02-08Poland LibikMarek KręgielMeet Your Makers
2014-02-08Poland MaklerMarek KukierMeet Your Makers
2014-02-08Poland MokatteKonrad KukierMeet Your Makers
2014-02-08Poland SELFIEMarcin WolskiMeet Your Makers
2014-01-07Poland SELFIEMarcin WolskiMeet Your Makers
2013-12-15Poland KikisMateusz SzkudlarekMeet Your Makers
2013-12-15Poland OverpowRemigiusz PuschMeet Your Makers
2013-05-16Poland KikisMateusz SzkudlarekMeet Your Makers
2013-05-16Poland OverpowRemigiusz PuschMeet Your Makers
2013-04-04France ShAyErSAlexis HamonMeet Your Makers
2013-04-02Germany LamboJulian BrosigMeet Your Makers
2013-04-02Slovenia StarbuckMatic DejakMeet Your Makers
2013-04Germany AresManuel KressMeet Your Makers
2013-04Lithuania ArewVytautas GraičiūnasMeet Your Makers
2013-04Korea, Republic of DragonJeon, Yong SooMeet Your Makers
2013-04Poland KroLuMichał KrólewskiMeet Your Makers
2013-04Germany LamboJulian BrosigMeet Your Makers
2013-04Korea, Republic of PhoeNixJeon, Young SikMeet Your Makers
2013-04Slovenia StarbuckMatic DejakMeet Your Makers
2013-02-18Poland KroLuMichał KrólewskiMeet Your Makers
2013-02-01Germany AresManuel KressMeet Your Makers
2013-02-01Lithuania ArewVytautas GraičiūnasMeet Your Makers
2013-01-30Spain IeZaeLJavier ParraMeet Your Makers
2013-01-30Germany kAraThomas CiolakMeet Your Makers
2013-01-13Serbia FooFighterVasilije KekovicMeet Your Makers
2013-01-13Germany NarutOSilvano BovoMeet Your Makers
2013-01-12Korea, Republic of DragonJeon, Yong SooMeet Your Makers
2013-01-12Korea, Republic of PhoeNixJeon, Young SikMeet Your Makers
2013-01-07Sweden NaugrimMattias OttossonMeet Your Makers
2013-01Spain IeZaeLJavier ParraMeet Your Makers
2012-11-21Germany teNuRene DuweMeet Your Makers
2012-11-17Germany AtzeMarcel BinzMeet Your Makers
2012-11-17Denmark BalsamAndreas LøchteMeet Your Makers
2012-11-17Denmark CalculuSAlexander RathckeMeet Your Makers
2012-11-17Denmark LinkSylvester ChristensenMeet Your Makers
2012-11-17Germany qojqvaMaximilian BroeckerMeet Your Makers
2012-11-17Germany THEneNo-Angelo GonzalezMeet Your Makers
2012-10-01Germany AtzeMarcel BinzMeet Your Makers
2012-10-01Denmark BalsamAndreas LøchteMeet Your Makers
2012-10-01Denmark CalculuSAlexander RathckeMeet Your Makers
2012-10-01Denmark LinkSylvester ChristensenMeet Your Makers
2012-10-01Germany qojqvaMaximilian BroeckerMeet Your Makers
2012-10-01Germany THEneNo-Angelo GonzalezMeet Your Makers
2012-09-21Serbia FooFighterVasilije KekovicMeet Your Makers
2012-09-21Germany kAraThomas CiolakMeet Your Makers
2012-09-21Germany NarutOSilvano BovoMeet Your Makers
2012-09-21Sweden NaugrimMattias OttossonMeet Your Makers
2012-09-21France ShAyErSAlexis HamonMeet Your Makers
2012-09-21Germany teNuRene DuweMeet Your Makers

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