CheckSix Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$65,015.24 From 37 Tournaments

CheckSix Gaming Roster Summary

Call of Duty$0.000.00%
Counter-Strike ($1,350.002.08%
Counter-Strike (CheckSix.swe)$5,646.628.69%
Counter-Strike ($21,150.0032.53%
Day of Defeat$9,000.0013.84%
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars$0.000.00%
Fighting Games$0.000.00%
StarCraft II$7,393.6211.37%
World of WarCraft$9,000.0013.84%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$5,923.629.11%
2.United States United States$1,450.002.23%
3.Lithuania Lithuania$20.000.03%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of SleepKim, Seong Han$5,923.62
2.China FlexxorzHuy Nguyen$2,500.00
3.United States toesMichael Edwards$2,500.00
4.United States TwixzMichael Shane$2,500.00
5.United States cl0ckMark McGrail$2,250.00
6.United States dizzamanDustin Dilyerd$1,240.00
7.United States fRoDDanny Montaner$1,240.00
8.United States StormTyler Wood$1,240.00
9.France Xp3David Garrido$1,240.00
10.United States cha0ticzJared Cugno$1,125.00
11.United States SergioSergio -$1,125.00
12.United States ZyosMatthew Leto$1,125.00
13.United States Crypt1cPhilip Kovach$1,000.00
14.United States Des1reShawn Khan$1,000.00
15.United States hostileShaun Catron$1,000.00
16.United States n0thingJordan Gilbert$1,000.00
17.United States thoMzThomas Garcia$1,000.00
18.United States SuppyConan Liu$925.00
19.United States foogzJimmy Koller$900.00
20.United States hahNAlbert Hahn$900.00
21.United States kEEnBobby Aihama$900.00
22.United States orgCyrus Habibi$900.00
23.United States StrikerNoah Alvardo$900.00
24.United States hikoSpencer Martin$840.00
25.United States KillerNNick Urso$750.00


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