Peter "Combofiend" Rosas - Fighting Game Player

Peter Rosas
Date of Birth:
United States
United States
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,597.00 From 19 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
cc.coL|Combofiend, Combofiend

Results by Team

$39.00 From 7 Tournaments
1.50% of Total Prize Money Earned

2012-06-103rd » ECT IV (KoFXIII)-$0.00King of Fighters XIII
2012-05-021stTeam-based Tournament » WNF AE2012 SFxT 2.6-$39.00Street Fighter X Tekken
2012-03-267th-8th » NorCal Regionals 2012 (KoFXIII)-$0.00King of Fighters XIII
2012-03-264th » NorCal Regionals 2012 (SFxT)-$0.00Street Fighter X Tekken
2012-03-265th-6th » NorCal Regionals 2012 (SSFIV:AE)-$0.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2011-10-092nd » Devastation 2011 (Marvel vs Capcom 3)-$0.00Marvel vs. Capcom 3
2011-10-093rd » Devastation 2011 (SSFIV:AE)-$0.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$2,558.00 From 12 Tournaments
98.50% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-04-057th-8th » NorCal Regionals 2015 (GGXrd)-$0.00Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
2012-12-089th-12th» Street Fighter 25th Ann. - Grand Finals (SFxT)-$775.00Street Fighter X Tekken
2011-06-121stTeam-based Tournament » ReveLAtions 2011 (MvC3 Teams)-$168.00Marvel vs. Capcom 3
2011-06-125th-6th» ReveLAtions 2011 (MvC3)-$200.00Marvel vs. Capcom 3
2011-01-163rd » WCW3 (MvC2 Low Tier)-$0.00Marvel vs. Capcom 2
2011-01-162ndTeam-based Tournament » WCW3 (SSFIV 3v3)-$0.00Super Street Fighter IV
2010-06-205th-6th » Devastation 2010 (Super Street Fighter IV)-$0.00Super Street Fighter IV
2008-10-193rd» Season's Beatings III (SFIII:3rd Strike)-$85.00Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
2008-10-192nd» Season's Beatings III (SSFII:Turbo)-$80.00Super Street Fighter II Turbo
2007-08-267th-8th» Evo 2007 (CvSNK2)-$250.00Capcom vs. SNK 2
2006-08-203rd» Evo 2006 (CvSNK2)-$1,000.00Capcom vs. SNK 2
2002-08-113rd » Evo 2002 (MvC2)-$0.00Marvel vs. Capcom 2


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