Temir "FF" Konokbayev - Heroes of Newerth Player

Temir Konokbayev
Date of Birth:
August 16, 1990
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$15,485.61 From 55 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$15,485.61 From 55 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-03-297th-8thTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 3 World Finals-$1,200.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-02-221stTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 3 CIS Finalsp.78,000$1,248.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-12-281stTeam-based Tournament Garena New Year 2015 Cupp.2,000$37.15Heroes of Newerth
2014-12-081stTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 CIS: Cycle 5 (Gold)-$400.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-11-081stTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 CIS: Cycle 4 (Gold)-$400.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-10-122ndTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 CIS: Cycle 3 (Gold)-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-09-171stTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 CIS: Cycle 2 (Gold)-$400.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-08-244thTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 CIS: Cycle 1 (Gold)-$40.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-07-061stTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 CIS: Qual. #1-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-06-292ndTeam-based Tournament » Garena UFC #11-$30.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-05-112ndTeam-based Tournament Garena Season Cup #1-$160.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-04-202ndTeam-based Tournament » Garena UFC #8 (PRO)-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-03-307th-8thTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 2 World Finals-$1,637.60Heroes of Newerth
2014-03-161stGarena HoN 1x1 Cup #2-$150.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-02-091stTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 2 CIS Finals-$1,400.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-12-291stTeam-based Tournament Garena New Year 2014 Cup-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-12-091stTeam-based Tournament » HTS2 CIS: Cycle 3 (Gold)-$400.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-11-131stTeam-based Tournament » HTS2 CIS: Cycle 2 (Gold)-$400.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-10-201stTeam-based Tournament » HTS2 CIS: Cycle 1 (Gold)-$400.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-09-082ndTeam-based Tournament » G1-Summer 2013-$250.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-08-111stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #30-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-08-043rdTeam-based Tournament » G3-Series July 2013 (PRO)-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-07-211stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #29-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-07-141stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #28-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-06-023rdTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #27-$20.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-04-142ndTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #25-$30.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-04-073rdTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #24-$20.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-03-241stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #23-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-03-171stTeam-based Tournament » G1-Winter 2013-$600.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-02-171stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #22-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-02-031stTeam-based Tournament » G3-Series January-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-01-201stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #21-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-12-231stTeam-based Tournament » G1-Autumn 2012-$1,600.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-11-303rdTeam-based Tournament HoN VISA QIWI Wallet Cup #1p.200$6.48Heroes of Newerth
2012-11-111stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #18-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-11-043rdTeam-based Tournament HoN 3x3 Cup Almaty (Final)₸8,000$53.05Heroes of Newerth
2012-10-281stTeam-based Tournament » G3-Series October-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-10-211stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #16-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-10-141stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #15-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-10-071stTeam-based Tournament HoN 3x3 Cup Almaty (Tour 1)₸5,000$33.28Heroes of Newerth
2012-09-231stTeam-based Tournament » G1-Summer 2012-$2,000.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-08-121stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #13-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-08-061stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #12-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-07-291stTeam-based Tournament » G3-Series July-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-07-221stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #11-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-07-152ndTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #10-$30.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-07-071stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #9-$50.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-07-073rd-4thTeam-based Tournament Touch the HoN Almaty₸3,000$20.05Heroes of Newerth
2012-07-011stTeam-based Tournament » G3-Series June-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-05-062ndTeam-based Tournament » G1-Spring 2012-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-04-151stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #5-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-04-081stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #4-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-03-211stTeam-based Tournament » G3-Series March-$200.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-03-181stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #3-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-03-101stTeam-based Tournament » G7-Series #2-$60.00Heroes of Newerth


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