Pavel "pavel" Fomkin - Diabotical Player

Pavel Fomkin
Date of Birth:
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$5,890.25 From 54 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
kook, pavel

Results by Team

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$5,890.25 From 54 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2022-05-223rdPinG Communities Diabotical #1
2022-05-147th-8thDiabotical Pro Series: May (Europe)
2021-12-183rdDEATHMATCH TV LAN #6: Duel
2021-12-181stTeam-based Tournament DEATHMATCH TV LAN #6: Wipeout
2021-12-045th-6thDiabotical Birthday Series: Europe #6
2021-11-205th-6thDiabotical Birthday Series: Europe #5
2021-11-063rdDiabotical Birthday Series: Europe #4
2021-03-213rdTeam-based Tournament DreamHack Community Clash: 2v2 TDM
2021-03-145th-6thDreamHack Community Clash: Duel
2021-02-282ndTeam-based Tournament ZenSports February 2v2 TDM
2021-02-215thFactory Diabotical Duel Masters
2021-02-145th-6thZenSports February Duel Cup (EU)
2021-02-067th-8thTeam-based Tournament Test Tournament Series: January (EU)
2021-01-311stTeam-based Tournament ZenSports January 2v2 TDM
2020-12-205th-6thTest Tournament Series: December (EU)
2020-12-181stTeam-based Tournament ZenSports December Team Cup (EU)
2020-11-287th-8thTeam-based Tournament Test Tournament Series: November (EU)
2020-10-042ndTeam-based Tournament Factory Diabotical Draft
2020-10-034thFactory Diabotical Invitational
2017-03-262nd» 125 FPS Sunday Cup #73
p.500$8.78Quake Live
2017-02-052nd» 125 FPS Sunday Cup #68
p.500$8.47Quake Live
2016-04-172nd» 125 FPS Sunday Cup #34
p.500$7.53Quake Live
2015-03-222nd» 125 FPS Sunday Cup #1
€30.00$32.46Quake Live
2015-02-275th-8th» 125 FPS Season #22 Pro League
p.1,000$16.14Quake Live
2015-01-262ndMore Info on this Earning FPSPulse Launch Event powered by Ninox
Ninox Aurora mouse
-$125.00Quake Live
2014-10-121stTeam-based Tournament ZOWIE 2V2 TDM Invitational
-$125.00Quake Live
2014-09-263rd-4th» 125 FPS September League
p.2,500$63.17Quake Live
2014-08-295th-8th» 125 FPS August League
p.1,000$26.95Quake Live
2014-08-232ndMoscow Quake LAN Party #19 - Duel
p.1,500$41.54Quake Live
2014-06-273rd-4th» 125 FPS June League
-$73.48Quake Live
2014-06-223rd-4thFACEIT Spring Season Finals
-$75.00Quake Live
2014-05-303rd-4th» 125 FPS May League
-$73.64Quake Live
2014-04-272ndFACEIT Spring Season Sunday Cup #5
-$25.00Quake Live
2014-04-255th-8th» 125 FPS April League
-$36.75Quake Live
2014-04-061stFACEIT Spring Season Sunday Cup #3
-$100.00Quake Live
2014-04-052ndQ3God QL Duel Cup #3
-$200.00Quake Live
2014-03-295th-8th» 125 FPS March League
p.1,000$27.93Quake Live
2014-02-283rd-4th» 125 FPS February League
-$86.60Quake Live
2014-02-232ndFACEIT Winter Season Sunday Cup #8
-$25.00Quake Live
2014-02-223rdZowie Quake Live Challange #2
-$100.00Quake Live
2013-09-221stTeam-based Tournament More Info on this Earning Prague LAN TDM
4x ZOWIE EC2 EVO black mouse
€150.00$202.89Quake Live
2013-08-161st» 125 FPS One Map Cup - Almost Lost
-$80.00Quake Live
2013-08-023rd-4th» 125 FPS July League Final
p.2,500$76.07Quake Live Russia Cup 2013 Finals
p.5,000$153.21Quake Live
2013-06-015th-8th» 125 FPS May League Final
p.1,510$47.29Quake Live
2013-03-293rd» 125 FPS March League Final
p.3,000$96.64Quake Live
2013-03-022nd» 125 FPS February League Final
p.7,500$244.35Quake Live
2013-01-182nd» FaceIT Quake Live Sunday Cup #16
-$25.00Quake Live
2013-01-031st» FaceIT Quake Live Sunday Cup #14
-$100.00Quake Live
2012-11-181st» FaceIT Quake Live Sunday Cup #8
-$100.00Quake Live
2012-09-231st» FaceIT Quake Live Sunday Cup #1
-$100.00Quake Live
2011-11-27WIN» ZOTAC Cup Quake Live #111
€100.00$132.37Quake Live
2011-09-25WIN» ZOTAC Cup Quake Live #102
€100.00$134.96Quake Live
2011-08-28WIN» ZOTAC Cup Quake Live #98
€100.00$144.96Quake Live


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