Stanislav "StanCifka" Cifka - Magic: The Gathering Arena Player

Stanislav Cifka
Date of Birth:
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$85,096.88 From 27 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Earnings Compared To Other Players

Singapore title= AaronAaron Koh+$47,576.42
Czech Republic title= AleshAles Hemer+$84,018.34
Hong Kong title= AmazJason Chan+$11,292.73
United States title= AmnesiacWilliam Barton-$29,628.12
United States title= Blah- -+$84,096.88
Czech Republic title= born2win- -+$84,972.02
China title= BreathYuxiang, Chen+$15,609.15
Germany title= BunnyHopporRaphael Peltzer-$192,777.85
United States title= ChakkiKeaton Gill+$4,758.66
Korea, Republic of title= Che0nsuKim, Cheon Su-$33,368.12
China title= ChinaYLDZhu, Jingfan+$61,377.49
Czech Republic title= CptMarty- -+$84,986.62
Canada title= CydoniaJulien Perrault-Harvey-$8,747.04
Czech Republic title= DaleCZ- -+$84,096.88
Czech Republic title= dannier- -+$84,970.20
Korea, Republic of title= DawnJang, Hyun Jae-$37,780.16
Korea, Republic of title= DDaHyoNiBaek, Sang Hyeon+$26,660.88
United States title= DeathstarV3Stephen Stone+$65,492.48
Czech Republic title= DodgyLukáš Dočkal+$84,366.08
United States title= DogDavid Caero-$161,254.01
Ukraine title= DrHippiArtem Kravets'-$125,319.79
United States title= DTwoDaniel Ikuta+$68,596.88
Germany title= Ek0pJan Palys+$23,456.40
Czech Republic title= EliahMichal Hebký+$84,949.02
Czech Republic title= EsosekAleš Zima+$84,966.51
Czech Republic title= FaeliOldřich Mahdal+$44,246.21
United States title= FirebatJames Kostesich-$170,206.22
Korea, Republic of title= FlurryCho, Hyun Soo+$37,866.08
Sweden title= ForsenSebastian Fors+$54,821.36
Germany title= GaaraPetar Stevanovic+$33,662.29
Poland title= GnimshMarcin Filipowicz+$69,432.04
Czech Republic title= GREENTomáš Majer+$84,998.31
United Kingdom title= GreensheepJames Luo+$45,747.13
China title= HamsterZhao, Songyang+$10,714.41
Korea, Republic of title= handsomeguyKang, Il Mook-$12,382.12
Greece title= HawkeyeApostolos Karaikos+$64,344.28
Denmark title= HoejFrederik Høj Nielsen-$87,070.27
Canada title= HotformDylan Mullins+$28,846.88
United States title= HotMEOWTHEdwin Cook-$3,653.12
China title= IcefoxFeng, Xiao+$25,786.98
Czech Republic title= JarlaJaromír Vyskočil+$46,579.37
China title= JasonzhouZhou, Bin-$211,637.87
Czech Republic title= KarolínkaSimona Procházková+$84,898.28
United States title= KiblerBrian Kibler+$28,521.88
Japan title= KnoYuuichirou Sato+$63,896.88
Ukraine title= KolentoAleksandr Malsh-$180,745.08
Korea, Republic of title= KranichHak Jun, Baek+$20,511.37
Czech Republic title= lesikMichal -+$85,058.11
China title= LiBoLi, Bo-$15,662.49
Germany title= LifecoachAdrian Koy-$121,023.29
China title= LoveCX-, -+$58,582.19
China title= LovelychookZhang, Bohan-$37,082.48
China title= lvxiaobuYuan, Lin+$50,493.76
China title= MagicWindGuoyi Zeng+$38,757.87
Czech Republic title= Marvelious- -+$85,056.28
Czech Republic title= MattyMatyáš Kalužný+$82,778.71
Czech Republic title= meyger- -+$85,023.38
Czech Republic title= milan10milanMilan Šnajdr+$84,767.05
Czech Republic title= Mirasek- -+$84,731.48
Czech Republic title= MirrariJan Jestříbek+$80,952.58
Kazakhstan title= NaimanOle Batyrbekov+$3,105.99
Czech Republic title= NamcorJakub Veber+$83,751.09
Viet Nam title= NeilyoLan Tran+$66,521.48
Ukraine title= NeireaEugene Shumilin-$33,838.79
China title= NightWalkYu, Shanpeng+$66,581.20
China title= NoTomorrowJian, Yu+$67,217.00
China title= OmegaZeroZheng, Lin-$54,686.36
Sweden title= OrangeJon Westberg-$192,331.50
Sweden title= OstkakaSebastian Engwall-$64,603.04
Russian Federation title= PavelPavel Beltiukov-$257,951.12
Taiwan, Republic of China title= PinpinghoHo, Kwo Ping+$50,025.97
Czech Republic title= PokrovacMikuláš Dio+$47,703.67
Sweden title= PowderHarald Gimre-$9,492.40
Czech Republic title= Pt44hDaniel Kýr+$84,992.44
Canada title= PurpleDrankRyan Murphy-Root-$129,071.45
Czech Republic title= Raidy- -+$85,056.28
Romania title= RduDima Radu-$95,686.01
Korea, Republic of title= RenieHouRLee, Jung Hwan+$62,792.77
United States title= ReynadAndrey Yanyuk+$54,186.76
Czech Republic title= RikytanJan Kusák+$83,258.76
China title= Robin-, -+$55,197.47
Finland title= SavjzJanne Mikkonen-$44,987.56
Czech Republic title= ScruffyPavel Janik+$78,119.56
Korea, Republic of title= SeulsihoJung, Han Seul+$62,871.58
Russian Federation title= SilverNameVladislav Sinotov-$24,067.66
Philippines title= StazEuneil Javiñas-$100,264.01
United States title= StrifeCroCong Shu-$23,808.82
Germany title= SuperJJJan Janßen-$23,347.85
Korea, Republic of title= SurrenderKim, Jung Soo-$211,534.69
China title= SwordHeyang, Li+$34,976.16
Czech Republic title= SychryPavel Sychrovsky+$83,846.88
Czech Republic title= SyntheticRobert Vávra+$83,211.69
United States title= TareiJeffrey Liu+$22,642.48
Netherlands title= ThijsThijs Molendijk-$373,492.61
China title= Tiddler CelestialWang, Xieyu-$80,251.46
United States title= TidesoftimeDrew Biessener+$12,567.28
Taiwan, Republic of China title= tom60229Chen, Wei Lin-$340,930.99
United States title= TrumpJeffrey Shih+$10,709.38
United States title= VLpsVictor Lopez+$64,442.48
Czech Republic title= vnHoangLong Luu Hoang+$85,056.28
Germany title= XixoSebastian Bentert-$71,931.23
China title= xyuanYu, Jianfei+$70,041.11
Hong Kong title= YulsicNg, Chun Pong+$30,284.88
China title= ZhangBoZhang, Bo+$39,839.58
China title= ZoroHong, Yijie+$50,869.75

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