Kristaps "krii" Bricis - CS:GO Player

Kristaps Bricis
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$9,660.40 From 29 Tournaments
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Results by Year

$1,026.39 From 3 Tournaments
10.62% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-06-012ndTeam-based Tournament » Baltic eSports League Season 3 - Finals (CS:GO)€300.00$335.97Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-04-141stTeam-based Tournament » GOEXANIMO #16€80.00$90.42Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-02-171stTeam-based Tournament » Alienware Game Arena Season 1 - Playoffs Split #1-$600.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$2,211.81 From 9 Tournaments
22.90% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-12-161stTeam-based Tournament » GOEXANIMO #14€80.00$90.46Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-11-021stTeam-based Tournament » GameOn Baltic Esports League #1 Final€500.00$570.73Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-10-201stTeam-based Tournament » Baltic eSports League Season 2 (CS:GO)€440.00$506.88Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-10-073rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » GOEXANIMO #13€20.00$23.05Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-08-191stTeam-based Tournament » Monster Energy GOEXANIMO CS:GO 5x5 #12€90.00$102.94Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-04-151stTeam-based Tournament » Samsung GOEXANIMO CS:GO 5x5 #10€80.00$98.68Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-03-112ndTeam-based Tournament » Gauntlet - CIS vs EU #19-$166.67Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-02-233rdTeam-based Tournament St. Petersburg Cybersport Festival "Defender"p.20,000$356.08Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-01-292ndTeam-based Tournament QIWI TEAM PLAY: Winter 2017p.16,667$296.32Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$5,433.48 From 6 Tournaments
56.24% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-12-101stTeam-based Tournament interLAN 2017€250.00$294.33Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-12-031stTeam-based Tournament » Dreamhack Winter 2017 (CS:GO - BYOC)-$960.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-09-101stTeam-based Tournament » Zowie GOEXANIMO#5€96.00$115.54Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-09-022ndTeam-based Tournament » Gfinity Elite Series - Season 1 (CS:GO)£2,857.14$3,700.09Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-06-191stTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Summer 2017 (CS:GO Free For All)3,000 SEK$341.11Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-05-213rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » MSI GOEXANIMO #2€20.00$22.41Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$772.16 From 6 Tournaments
7.99% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-12-111stTeam-based Tournament interLAN Vol. 6€260.00$274.02Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-10-081stTeam-based Tournament Capital NEO Gaming Tournament 2016€240.00$268.83Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-08-303rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » GO:CL Season 4-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-06-273rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » SKYLLA - June 2016-$50.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-04-225th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Main Season 21-$70.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-03-102ndTeam-based Tournament » Gfinity CS:GO Free to Play Cup - 10th March£8.33$9.31Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$154.25 From 4 Tournaments
1.60% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-10-15LOSETeam-based Tournament » QuickShot Showmatch #3-$20.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-04-191stTeam-based Tournament » InfoShow Lan Party 2015 (CS:GO)€60.00$64.84Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-04-135th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO IM Season 18-$40.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-03-281stTeam-based Tournament MSI CS:GO March Cup 2015€27.00$29.41Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$62.31 From 1 Tournament
0.65% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-12-141stTeam-based Tournament Relax Cube CS:GO Christmas Cup€50.00$62.31Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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