Valorant Clan Battle

Prize Money Awarded:
$11,817.00 From 5 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2020-06-20 to

Top Player Rankings in Clan Battle for VALORANT

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game/League)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of glowKim, Min Soo$1,347.80$104,558.071.29%
2.Korea, Republic of k1NgLee, Seung Won$1,347.80$54,024.642.49%
3.Korea, Republic of RbGoo, Sang-min$1,347.80$142,532.840.95%
4.Korea, Republic of staxKim, Gu-taek$1,347.80$160,810.980.84%
5.Korea, Republic of ZestKim, Gi-Seok$1,347.80$128,324.401.05%
6.Korea, Republic of eKoYeom, Wang-ryong$591.60$15,673.963.77%
7.Korea, Republic of HateLee, Ye-hun$591.60$13,503.794.38%
8.Korea, Republic of REYNA- -$591.60$591.60100.00%
9.Korea, Republic of RyZziJung, Ki-jin$591.60$6,062.149.76%
10.Korea, Republic of 맥아더제리- -$591.60$591.60100.00%
11.Korea, Republic of 맥도날드알바생-, -$424.00$424.00100.00%
12.Korea, Republic of AnaksYe, Sang-jun$169.60$5,085.083.34%
13.Korea, Republic of climaxMeng, Ju Ho$169.60$12,664.201.34%
14.Korea, Republic of ESTH3RGo, Jeong-wan$169.60$871,858.710.02%
15.Korea, Republic of huby-, -$169.60$196.5786.28%
16.Korea, Republic of JinxJeong, Hong Kyo$169.60$7,764.152.18%
17.Korea, Republic of LakiaKim, Jong Min$169.60$75,196.350.23%
18.Korea, Republic of SPRiGGAN-, -$169.60$169.60100.00%
19.Korea, Republic of wonderwalker-, -$169.60$169.60100.00%
20.Korea, Republic of xetaSon, Seon-ho$169.60$86,393.880.20%
21.Korea, Republic of zunbaKim, Joon Hyuk$169.60$84,307.240.20%